Screen symbol Kirk Douglas will turn 100 on Dec. 9.

In his century on this planet, Douglas has showed up in many movies, including “Spartacus” and “Out of the Past,” and earned a lot of awards, including three Oscar assignments for Best Actor and a privileged Academy Award. The performing artist additionally has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 2004, he had a road in Palm Springs, California, named after him.

To observe Douglas’ real point of reference, we’re glancing back best case scenario movies. Here are our main 9 picks, in no specific request:

Douglas played hoodlum Whit Sterling in this film noir, which has been known as a “course reading case of the class.”

Douglas gave an awesome execution in this 1951 film, which was additionally selected for an Oscar for Best Story and Screenplay.

Douglas earned his second Best Actor Oscar selection for this part in “The Bad and the Beautiful,” a film that went ahead to win five Academy Awards notwithstanding not being assigned for Best Picture.

Douglas featured as a World War I French colonel in this film, which Criterion considers one of “the most intense antiwar movies ever constructed.”

“Spartacus” is pass on one of Douglas’ most outstanding movies and parts. The Stanley Kubrick-coordinated film was a gigantic achievement both with pundits and in the cinema world

Douglas featured as a cowhand named Jack Burns in “Forlorn are the Brave,” which the on-screen character considers to be his “best motion picture.”