A person should be cautious of their scores before beginning his/her career. It widens a lot of financial options throughout his life. The lenders will easily be convinced to offer you loans with the best interest rates. A good credit score ranges between 750 to 900. And for a newbie, who has no credit history, the credit score is usually -1.

A newcomer generally has an education loan to be paid. So the rational approach would be to save some of the initial salaries to pay off the debt, so that it doesn’t paint your reports red.

It is always a clever strategy to first tag along a family member with good credit score to become your co-signer. The banks would be convinced to offer loan when they see a creditworthy person together.

Also a good practice is to get a credit card. Secured cards and student cards can easily be availed by the fresher.

There are many more practices for a fresher to follow at http://www.loankuber.com/content/cibil-score/credit-score-suggestions-to-freshers/. You guys should give a read if you are just on the verge of creating your scores.