Langtang Valley Trek


The Langtang valley trek is a most restricted and delightful trekking endeavor to Langtang region abiding at upper east side of Kathmandu city. The Langtang area is directed by Langtang Himalayas and the spots involved by nature and human are called Langtang Valley. The Langtang region is close Kathmandu city anyway it can take as far towards Tibetan edges and on the foothills of Langtang Himalayas in a matter of moments. The high tallness district of Langtang valley resembles Tibetan great nations involved by Tibetan-Buddhist improvement migrated from Tibet several years back. By and by they are called Tamangs and Sherpas who are territory tenants living with a happy history of solitary human advance. The Langtang National stop makes this trekking all the additionally charming by 108 frigid mass lakes, flawless woodlands, immaculate verdure fauna, waterfalls, including Langtang Himalayas et cetera. The Langtang National Park have 4500 people of Tamang improvement whose occupation is agriculture developing, animal raising, yak field, privately settled cheddar preparing plant et cetera.

Langtang Valley Trekking an impeccable walking event objective for an extensive variety of people from family-school/piece social affairs to corporate people including exceptional trekkers as preparing walks around joining major long and hard treks.

This trek stacked with delights and beguiling walks around consistently points of view of mountains and into unblemished forest of magnificent rhododendron and magnolia trees with tall bamboos where remarkable and inconspicuous Red Panda living spaces.

Our Langtang Valley trekking begins with a stimulating and interesting overland drive from Kathmandu driving North on the high slants of great Langtang, in the wake of conclusion the drive walking around not too bad residence towns of Tamang tribe with rich Buddhist culture and old Bon traditions.

Driving higher past charming forested area to enter a wide Langtang valley of giant eminence encased inside tall zeniths of Langtang Lirung-Langtang Ri and a couple of other circumscribing peaks that makes this country a Himalayan wonderland.

After a fabulous time in Kyanjin the most dumbfounding spot of this trip at 3,910m and 12,828 ft high, trusting high in top soul with a considerable measure of outside air and memories, by then heading back on a comparative course to Syabru Besi for the drive back to Kathmandu with astounding and amazing time on Langtang Valley Trekking.