It is more or less a nightmare for a person to have a bad credit report. All the past precautions and the present anxieties come running at the same time when you glance your scores. As much these scores are harmful for you, there are some ways by which you could elevate them. They are-

  • If you find any discrepancies or false information in your reports, you can always raise a dispute to the concerned bureau.
  • Wrong account details or other information in the reports- In these cases, one should always reach out to correct them.
  • False loan account details and identity theft- There can be cases where you have been reported as a late payer for a loan, the loan which you haven’t even taken in the first place. Always connect with the concerned bureau for the same.

It is really important for the person to report these mistakes, because the bureau themselves will have no knowledge of the same.

The process of filing a dispute is easier than posting a photo on facebook. You just need to login to your credit bureau’s account and file a dispute online. Normally it would take the bureau a span of 30 days to investigate the matter.

All these information was gathered by me through an online article cibil score range. It is such a great article as it shows the way one should behave and act to improve scores. You guys should absolutely give it a read.