Summary: The location of a property is one of its most important aspects. This article helps you determine the parameters you must set before investing in a flat in a metro city.

When it comes to buy a home in your preferred location, homebuyers often find it difficult. Several considerations come into play at this time. The problem turns worse even when properties are available in the affordable price range, but the buyers could not finalise on the location. Moreover, location of a property, being one of the most important aspects, it’s important to consider it from various perspectives at the same time. The following points can help you reaching a fruitful decision regarding this.

  1. Connectivity of the location: This is certainly one of the major considerations, when it comes to choose the location of a property. For example, if the location of your property is far off from your workplace, the everyday commute will be a major concern. It might increase your daily transportation costs and at the same time can consume a good deal of time. Also, you need to check if your desired location is well connected by rail, road or metro networks. A number of premium flats in Kolkata are being developed in the recent times, which boast of pretty advanced transportation networks, in spite of being located in the away from the city Central Business District (CBD).
  2. Ease of commute: Ease of commute is the second thing that you must take into account while finalizing your property. It’s a crucial decision, because if you cannot get a preferred mode of conveyance, avoid choosing the location. Let’s take an example to better understand this scenario. Bhavna Gupta, a resident of Jadavpur has to opt for a break journey everyday to her office. Now, Jadavpur is considered among the posh localities of Kolkata, but in terms of metro connectivity, it is still a bad option for Bhavna, who has to take the metro everyday to her office. Consideration of this factor also comes into play while choosing your house location.
  3. Availability of civic amenities: Now that a property is a onetime investment, you must think of the availability of the basic amenities in the location you choose. Proximity to the vital services, such as healthcare, market place and the educational institutions must be the crucial determinants that influence your buying decision. If any of your preferred properties offer these facilities within the premises or nearby , the buyer remains in the profitable position as he does not need to go very far for availing these. Ideally, one should opt for such a property. At the same time, you also need to check if your property has uninhibited supply of water and electricity. You can get all the detailed information from the Developer, local Corporation or Municipality Office.
  4. Safety: Nowadays, most of the properties at the heart of the city come with advanced safety measures. Established localities tend to have better safety, compared to new locations. But, at the same time, it’s also true that some of the posh locations of the metro cities have safety issues. You can also choose to stay in the locations that have residents’ welfare associations in place if the property is ready.

No doubt, such considerations come into play when a buyer makes his intent of buying a flat. Though most of the projects in prime locations usually come with a world of amenities and hence seem appealing, the future prospects of the project along with its location should be considered before making the final decision.