Improve your selling prospects today.

There are many factors that affect the value of a property and not all of them are set in stone. No matter where the property is located there are always options when it comes to adding value. If you’re looking to sell a home this year then these are some of the top tips for improving what it’s worth.

1. Convert some of the space

If you have enough of a budget then converting an attic or basement can add tens of thousands in value to your home. However, only do this if you can finance it easily – there’s no point investing in such a major change if you would need high interest borrowing  such as bad credit loans or guarantor loans to fund home improvements.

If you opt for converting the basement or cellar then you can add around 30% to the property’s current value – choose the loft then that’s another 15%. These types of conversions are relatively simple but will give buyers options, from extra bedrooms through to additional living space.

2. Re-do your bathroom

A new bathroom can add up to 5% to the value of your home. Bathrooms are spaces that buyers rarely have a passion for creating themselves. They are probably the one room in the property that most people simply want to be able to use as soon as they move in.

Whereas a buyer might have grand designs for the bedrooms or the kitchen, the bathrooms are often left so if they already look great and won’t bring the overall standard of the property down then are on to a winner.

3. Add an extension

Space is at a premium just about everywhere these days – but particularly in cities and urban areas. Adding an extension to a building provides more living space and has become an attractive property feature than many buyers now look for. Adding an extension to your property could boost its value by around 15% and make the property more appealing to a certain type of buyer with more cash to spend.

An extension is a particularly attractive way to add value to a property as if often doesn’t require any kind of planning permission. As long as you stay within certain restrictions on size and height you should be able to add an extension without going through the planning process (but it’s always important to check this first).

4. Make the most of outside space

A property with outside space is often worth more, especially if that outside space is appealing. Unkempt gardens or decaying balconies or decking will do little to add value as they present a problem that a potential buyer will have to solve.

So, one of the easiest ways to add value to your home is to give its outside spaces a lift, whether that’s landscaping the garden or redoing the decking.

5. Kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is what makes a property attractive to those outside it and contributes significantly to a positive first impression for a buyer. If you want to add value to a home without spending significantly then this is an easy way to do it. Repainting the front doors and windows, repairing any damage to gutters or glass and repaving a driveway could all have an impact, for example.