1 in 5 companies in India are willing to move into an AI driven work culture. The number of companies that depend solely on data analytics and data science for their business and progress is also not negligible. And the enterprises that are willing to make heavy use of machine learning to stay at the top of their game is also not less. We can safely say that 2018 is the year that will be marked with large scale AI and ML integration in India. Predictions are that AI alone may create 2 million jobs by the end of 2020. Having a machine learning certification in India can literally change your life.

High in demand

Working with any popular technology calls for certification. You definitely need to be certified in order to be considered as a probable employee. And the demand for employees in the IT industry is at a juncture of revival. The advent of AI and machine learning as successful and popular commercial tools has greatly impacted the job market. There is a shortage of 1.5 lakh AI professionals in India alone. The job portals are flooding with vacancies for personnel with machine learning skills.

We can expect a 60% increase in the demand of machine learning professionals. The growing importance of textual and visual data has prompted this demand. Through the use of deep learning the textual data can be recognized automatically and be used to get into the head of the customer.

More than just a marketing tool

We often put the better part of the focus on how machine learning technology can help companies use the data to improve customer response and predict consumer preferences. We must not forget that machine learning and AI driven automation can change a lot of things for the better of the human civilization. The introduction of AI driven signalling system can solve a lot of problems pertaining to traffic control around the world. Medical science and health care industry can grow at a faster pace with the use of machine learning. There have been constructive efforts towards curing cancer with the help of machine learning technology.

The financial sector is heavily depending on data science and advanced analytics. Predictive analysis powered by machine learning can formidably reduce the risk of loaning money. Developments in robotics have solved labour problems in many parts of the world.

What about the disruptions?

A good number of repetitive jobs are being assigned to computers – resulting in the curtailing of employment. This is not a myth, this is true. But if you take a look at history, this is what has been happening with every major technological development. A lot of job roles which were indispensable in the nineteenth century do not exist today. You need to cope with the situation and gear yourself up with whatever keeps you fit for the market. At this moment a machine learning certification in India will do just fine.