I’m Anthony, founder of pastreez and chef at Cordon Bleu Paris. From Paris to California, my wife and I have baked around the world. We wanted to share with you the 5 best practices to bake these amazing french pastries !


You probably know the ingredients for macarons. What is more tricky is that almond powder and icing sugar needs to be the finest possible. 12x icing sugar is the best, and white almond powder is better. Stop mixing when your paste is brillant and fluid, like here.

The finest possible


Making perfectly round macarons is very touchy. That’s why we advise to use silicon molds. We tried baking paper and silicon mold. Baking paper is used by huge industries like Ladurée because they have machines to pipe round shape. When you pipe macarons by hand 🙌 as we do, silicon mold is a perfect solution !

Silicon mold


After piping, an important step is to tap the baking sheet several times. It will remove air bubbles and help the mixture settle. After that, you need to do something : Nothing 😄 😄 About 30 min. You deserved it. A good indicator is to touch the paste with your finger. If it does not stick, all good in the hood. This step will have a specific post as it’s one of the most crucial.

Tap and wait


After 8-12 minutes in the oven at 145-155°C (sorry I’m french😅😅), leave your beautiful macarons on the molds until they are cold. Few hours is the best. As macarons are very sensitive to the oven temperature / timing, they might stick to the mold. That’s why cold is better. It prevents from cracks that may occurs while removing them.

Cold is gold

5-SECRET TIP ! 🙊 🙊

“Classic” macarons are filled with butter ganache. It adds fat and dairy products into the recipe. Our macarons are stuffed with delicious local jam. After filling them with your favorite jam, remember to leave the macarons in the fridge for few hours . It is the time needed for the biscuits and the jam to marry each other 😊 Jam instead of ganache is much fresher. It is easier to do. It is also less fat, so we can eat some more !

Secret tip : Jam instead of ganache