Bushnell is among the top leaders in the industry offering the optical solution. The company has been in operation for over sixty-five years. Bushnell has recently made an increase of four sights in its AR Optics line. The sights have been tailor-made to function effectively with the current rifles for sports.

What is the latest optics release from Bushnell?

  • The ambidextrous transition which has 3x magnifier
  • The caliber-specific riflescopes
  • The cutting-edge Accelerate with a prism sight of 2x
  • The new purpose built

What do you need to know about these knew optical machines?

If you are a long distance shooter then the 6.5 Creedmoor will work perfectly. The recent AR Optics 4.5-18x 40mm has been custom made to increase its performance. When using it utilize the machine’s holdover points which allow you to shot up to 60 yards. Some of its feature like the tactical style turrets allows quick adjustment of the lightning at a quick speed. Using the 6.5 Creedmoor machine parallax focus on its side will give you a clear focus on images that you target at any proximity.  The machine’s optics have a multi-coat cover all over to give a bright picture upon capture. The 6.5 Creedmoor has an aluminum tube that protects the optics. The aluminum tube is made of long-lasting aircraft grade measuring an inch

Bushnell Company has also made some additions to the 300 blackout optics. The 4.5-18x 40mm optic has a specific design of drop zone for it reticle. In the new machine, the reticle has the supersonic and subsonic features on the holdover options. At a lower power, the machine operates like a red dot’s top performance. When you increase its magnification 4x the machine will give you holdover points going up to 300 yards. It easy for you to change the magnification as it is instant. This is made possible the optics unique feature known the Throwdown PCL.

You should thank the Bushnell Company for introducing the 4 x Accelerate Prism Scope. This is because the machine has great features for performance that accumulates both the MSRs and the red dot actions. The machine has a 4x magnification similar to the red dot stature of a compact riflescope. The BTR-3 reticle feature during performance gives you green and red settings. The circle in the middle and the red dot together work for a speedy action.  This also facilitates shots for long range and drop points. The machine can effectively work with any caliber firearm of your choice

How does the new transition 3X magnifier work?

The new Transition 3X Magnifier will work best if you mount it following a red dot optic. Be sure to also include the ambidextrous flip during mounting. Utilize the 3x magnifier whenever necessary or else keep it off. For a great performance pair the Optics TRS-25 with new 3x magnifier. But this does not mean that it can’t work with other red dots. The machines optics is made of a multi-coat that enables the optimal transition of light. In addition to above features, the 3x magnifier is a shock, water, and fog proof. What more would you really ask for with all these new developments?


Choosing products from Bushnell won’t disappoint you in any way. The company has been in the industry long enough to build its reputation.  It, therefore, strives to protect its legacy by giving products that meet all your requirements. Get more about Bushnell products including the best Scope for AR 10 at Bushnell store.