Dogs can suffer from different types of anxiety. These include social anxiety, noise anxiety, and separation anxiety. While the anxiety in a dog can be caused by a number of reasons and taken care of by medications help in treating anxiety, it’s highly advisable not to put your pooch on such medications for a long time. Instead you should try some herbal remedies for dogs to treat the anxiety in your four-legged friend.

Many dog owners seem to rely on the proper positive training (supposedly the best and long-term solution to treating three types of anxiety mentioned above). But the fact cannot be held for denial that the training not only takes a long time but patience as well. And using those traditional drugs (for the sake of calming dog anxiety) could result in unwanted side-effects.

So what’s the best way to calm anxiety in your best friend?

Well, there are several dog owners who’re turning to natural remedies including herbs, essential oils and other vital things to take care of the problem i.e., dog anxiety. These remedies comprise the use of herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies and so on. Dog owners have largely been relying on the effective use of herbal remedies to treat anxiety in their pooch.

Herbal Remedies for Dog Anxiety

Herbs are truly the best when it comes to calming a nervous dog suffering from anxiety. Being mild and non-addictive, herbs don’t cause laziness after use. Truth be told, some of them are nutritious tonics which provide additional support to the nervous system of a dog.

Here are some that you can use to calm your restless, tensed or aggressive dog:

1.Chamomile – It’s a herb that can lessen anxiety in stressed dogs other than benefiting people in relaxing and getting a sound sleep. Consider giving chamomile tea to your pooch. You can even soak a treat in the tea.

2.Lemon Balm – It’s a soothing herb that’s effective not only in treating dog anxiety but excitement as well.

3.Oat – An outstanding herb which calms the nerve. Besides being nutritious, you can consider adding cooked oatmeal to your best friend’s food.

4.Passion Flower – Comprising of flavonoids with anti-anxiety and relaxing effects, passion flower is a herb that will help your dog suffering from insomnia due to anxiety.

5.Skullcap – This herb is very effective for nervous tension. It’s also helpful for epileptic dogs.

6.Valerian – It minimizes anxiety, tension, and overexcitement in dogs.

7.Hemp – CBD Hemp has been found to be not only calming but soothing as well. It can even be used to help dogs with anxiety.

8.Echinacea – With immune-strengthening qualities, this herb can be used to improve the immune system of your four-legged friend.

Humans have been using herbs since ages for a variety of reasons. These herbs were used for healing a number of ailments, so it comes as no surprise that several of those natural remedies may seem effective in treating your dog (your best friend) for various health related problems.

Final Thoughts

Before considering herbal remedies for dogs or adding one to your dog’s diet, it’s good to check with your vet once before making a final decision. The veterinarian should know what you’re up to, even if your pooch is not on any regular medications.