Hollywood gets to dress up during awards season. Students dress up during graduation ceremonies and events and everyone dresses up for a wedding. So it is just natural that your house should dress up for its time in the sun when it is up for sale! It is the first impression one gets when coming for a tour. People subconsciously make a decision about a house in the first moment they see the house. Eight seconds can determine a sale they say! So, it is very important that your home has its best finery on in order to be sold! Here are a few quick projects that you can do to spice up the look of your home without going broke!

Mailboxes are right there at the end of your driveway or right there at the start of your home impression. Mailboxes that are clean and standing straight make for great curb appeal. If it is bent and muddy, refinish or replace. The mailbox is the first thing people see when they enter your property and you want them to have the impression that everything is great ahead! Sometimes a bottle of bleach or a spray can of paint will be enough to brighten the mailbox.

The next impression comes with the front door. Repaint the door and add a wreath. Use a new popular color to make it pop. You don’t have to replace the door unless it is falling apart. You want to make the doorway to the rest of your home to be as inviting as possible. The colors you use should bring about an emotion. The color red shouts out power and confidence; blue is calm; tans, browns and natural are earth colors. Although black and dark purple are popular for front doors right now they can be a bit intimidating and uninviting. Try an ocean blue or a bright yellow and even a lily green. These are bright and light go right along with the colors of your lawn and the sky. The style of your home should dictate the palette. If you are in the woods, earth colors work well. An old farmhouse looks wonderful with any tone of red. The area of the country that the house is located in can also help with color coordination. Beach colors for beach houses and desert colors for homes in arid regions.

The sidewalks, driveway, brickwork and decks all need a good washing during the spruce up of the house. A pressure wash can make things sparkle. It gets rid of the built up mold and dirst that has worked into the textures and grooves.

Landscaping should be a top exterior priority. Clean up the flowerbeds and add some blooming plants to the edges of bushes. You don’t have to install a garden club worthy landscape. You just need the yard to look neat and and manicured.

A good look at the roof is a requirement for a home sale. Without replacing the roof, you can have it cleaned with a power washing. Shingles should be replaced if they are cracked and shaggy looking.

A colorful and seasonal wreath on the front door with plants on either side of a welcome mat can change the entire atmosphere of the front door. You don’t want a dull door! Create ambiance with a bit of decor.

If you are lucky enough to have a front porch, treat it as another room of the house! Put furniture on it and nick nacks. Add plants and a rug or two. When you show a possible buyer that the front porch is a livable space, it increases the square footage of the house. Sometimes they have to be shown how to use an area.

Whether it is the front porch, the patio or the entryway, decorate for the season. Use seasonal plants like poinsettias or mums for fall and winter at the front door. In the spring, place hyacinths and tulips in the same locations. Use colors of the seasons for outside furniture such as orange for fall and sea blue for summer. Silk forsythia stalks and yellow pillows are great additions to a springtime porch or patio. And winter should have cozy colors of burgundy and navy blue.

Also, upgrade the front porch lighting. If the lights go with the design of the house and the decor of the front porch, then wash them up and clean the glass. Otherwise, new light fixtures can change the atmosphere of the entire entry.

Wind chimes are another delightful welcome to a front porch. Before hanging them, make sure to test their musical talents. You don’t want to have a clanky sound or a deep scary bellow as a greeting. You want a light tinkle that comes with the gentle breeze to make someone feel welcome to your house.

When sprucing up with color, use accent colors for your window shutters and trim. A bright color will give a pop to the front of the house. You should choose complementary colors and then create the overall image with color coordinating blooming flowers.

The garage door should be a part of this color palette plan. If the door is dented and not in good repair, then it may need to be upgraded. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint will be enough..

If the house has fences whether they are picket or a high patio fence, they need to be looked at for repairs, paint and straightening. A crooked fence can make the entire exterior of the house look shabby. Also the fence should be a design compliment to the type of house you have. A white picket fence looks adorable with a cottage but not so much with an all glass contemporary.

Another piece to take a long hard look at is gutters. If they are bent or broken or not put together properly, then replace them. If gutters are hanging and not connected, the first thing people think when they see this they will think that the foundation is not in great condition.Gutters and downspouts are not that expensive and you can fix these yourself.

Another addition to the front of the house to be considered is window planters. They can be colorful and fun and add lots of character to the overall appearance.

Obviously, when it comes to the first impression of your home, the lawn should be well taken care of. If there are brown patches or unmowed areas, it brings down the feeling of the whole house. Re Sod or aerate your current lawn. Water and mow on a regular basis. If nothing else works, your local garden center will have lawn paint that can cover the whole lawn in lush green!

Cracks in the sidewalk, sunken pathway stones and broken bricks should all be fixed or replaced. Also check for any stones or bricks that may be loose. You don’t want a possible buyer tripping over a stone and break their leg! Check for uneven places along a pathway and clean the cement and the bricks with a power washer. Replace concrete between the bricks and fix them if they are uneven.

If you have paths or even the front sidewalk, install solar lights along the way. Not only are these cheap, but they give the house a glitter effect at night.

Cut back hedges or bushes that block windows or the front porch. Not only does this open up the front of the home and shows off the front entrance, but it makes everything look fresh and clean.

Garbage cans should not be thrown around laying on their sides at the end of the driveway. Hide them in a fenced area on the side of the house or in a storage shed. This goes for recycle bins and any large trash waiting for the week’s pickup. Lawnmowers and other large machinery should be hidden and out of the way also.

When you have fixed all of these small problems, then the house is ready for the red carpet! Have photos taken for postcards, brochures and online promotions. A direct mail postcards campaign should be implemented and an open house planned. Sometimes, when fixing things up, you fall in love with your house all over again. It is so much easier to convey how wonderful your home is when there is emotion in the message!

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