People have been playing free rummy for a long time that it has now become an integral part of us. But, despite the game being played generations after generations, there are certain sections of the society that hold prejudices about the game, especially about the players. The Supreme Court has declared rummy a legal game as it is based on the player’s mental skill in order to win at rummy. However, they constantly pick on rummy players at every given opportunity volleying questions at the players which are very annoying and a far cry from the reality.

It’s time we dealt with those biased questions that you should never be asking a rummy player.

  • Do you win by chance?

It is such a deep-rooted thought in some people that success in rummy is dependent on chance. What is more annoying is they still continue to assume that winning at rummy is possible only by chance despite clarifying it repeatedly. Chance or luck does not have any scope here. Only your mental skills like memory, concentration, logical reasoning, keen observation etc. help you to win free rummy games.

  • Is it a legal game to play?

The declaration by the Supreme Court that it is legal to play online rummy has still not been able to successfully remove the deeply entrenched thought from the mind. The legal status of the game is still viewed in dubious light. And there is a spill-over effect of this view on online rummy too. The fact that rummy is recognized as a legal game for the involvement of the player’s mental skills is very slowly impacting these thoughts in a positive way. Thanks to free rummy websites for creating these positive impacts in the minds of people.

  • Don’t you think you’re wasting your time?

This is one of the oft-repeated questions which every rummy player has to face. Changing the mindset of people is easy said than done. Rummy players are unperturbed by such questions because, the game is a blend of fun, entertainment, and great challenges. If you’re playing for fun then the fun quotient is always up. And, if you’re playing for cash, then you have a galore of rewards to win in the form of real cash prizes. Then, how could playing rummy be a waste of time?

  • Will this not lead to addiction?

At times, people’s opinion about rummy gets so cynical that they often check with a rummy player if the game leads to addiction. It is a game where success is possible only when you practice and maintain certain discipline. Chasing losses breeds failure alone and does not provide you with any respite. Rummy fosters practice and good playing skills.

  • Won’t playing hamper your mind in the long run?

Well, it is observed that skill games like rummy when played in the long run have improved the mental skills of the players. Your memory sharpens, concentration improves and your analytical reasoning helps you take prudent decisions whether it is a free rummy games or your life.


Questions like the above may not fade as quickly as you would want them to. But your focus and dedication towards the game alone will build your prospects despite these odds.