Cabinets can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. They can also be as expensive or inexpensive as you can afford. When is all said and done, the presentation is the final judge. If you are considering new cabinets and are having a hard time weighing the pros and cons of installing custom laminate cabinets, read on.

Custom Laminate Cabinets Benefits


When thinking of a kitchen redo, longevity is a must. Keeping cabinets looking fresh and new is a priority. Laminates offer the same durability that is found in countertops by using a heat and pressure fuse of 3 protective resin layers.


Another one of the custom laminate cabinets benefits comes with the great selection of different styles available. Contemporary and modern design kitchens often use laminate cabinets to deliver a sleek and symmetrical look. However, laminate cabinets are also available in traditional styles.


Because the manufacture of custom laminate cabinets requires less cost in materials, the price to the consumer is reduced in comparison to solid wood. This is a major concern to homeowners in upgrading a kitchen. New cabinets can easily run into thousands of dollars. Being able to achieve an expensive and quality look at a lower cost is always a plus.


Custom laminate cabinets are readily available at most home improvement centers and provided by home renovation companies like A&E Brothers in the New York area. On the other hand, speciality woods have to be ordered and can delay a building project for weeks. When working on a timeline, it is essential to know that your job will not be stalled should you need replacement cabinet pieces.

Custom Laminate Cabinets Disadvantages

Less than Natural

If you are looking for strictly green building materials in your new kitchen, laminate is less than adequate. Because of the chemicals that are used in the manufacture of laminate cabinets, they are not considered a good organic source in building. Melamine is found in some types of laminate cabinets and has been found to be toxic in large amounts.

Texture Lacks Wood Feel

Some people just love the feel of wood. It gives them a sense of connecting with nature that nothing can replace. Custom laminate cabinets lack this property in the replication process of trying to mimic wood. There is no replacement for natural wood.

Not a Green Source

Other custom laminate cabinets disadvantages have to do with the status of being a green material.The laminate material is not easily recyclable or considered to be earth-friendly. The rresin-saturated layers that are used in the development of custom laminate cabinets make them unacceptable as a green material.

In the end, the choice is yours in deciding which type of material should be used in your new kitchen cabinets. There are advantages and disadvantages to using laminate over wood. Weigh the options of cost, quality, maintenance, style, availability and natural content before beginning your new kitchen cabinet project. Custom laminate cabinets are not for everyone, but they do have many fine qualities that make the choice easy.