Many homeowners don’t pay too much attention to their shower stall door unless it starts to stick. One of the reasons that it’s sticking could be that it hasn’t been cleaned in such a long time that the parts no longer slide together and engage the way they used to. This is a good opportunity to embark on one of those quick cleaning jobs to refresh your home.

First, the Cleaning Equipment

Find a home cleaning apron with lots of pockets and a couple of hooks on which to hold implements and hook spray bottles. Place in the apron:

  • A scraper
  • At least one old toothbrush. Some companies make toothbrushes that are larger than usual for home cleaning.
  • A razor blade holder and a straight blade
  • Plastic bags to line the apron’s pockets
  • Clips or clothespins to secure them

The carryall tote should have:

  • A can of powdered cleanser
  • A scrubbing pad or scrubbing pad/sponge combination
  • One spray bottle of window cleaner
  • A tile brush
  • At least a dozen cleaning rags
  • A spray bottle of diluted bleach. Use one part bleach to four parts water.
  • A squirt bottle of tile cleanser

Cleaning the Bathroom Tub

cleaning the bathroom tub can refresh your entire home

LynneJean Cleaning, a home cleaning company, recommends following these steps for optimal home cleaning. First, put on the apron and hook the spray bottles in the hooks. Then set the tray beside the tub or the shower. Remove the wastebasket and the bathmat. Step into the tub or shower stall. If the stall has overlapping doors, spray some all-purpose cleaner on the scrubbing pad, and wrap the pad around the scraper for quick cleaning. Slide it into the gap between the two doors. Move the scraper up and down to clean, but make sure the scraper is kept wrapped in the pad lest it scratches the glass. Then, pull the scraper out, wrap it in a dry cloth and wipe the area.

Then, clean the shower door runners with all-purpose cleanser and the toothbrushes. If the runners are extremely grungy, move the scraper wrapped in a cloth in the runners. It will be messy.

If the tub is dirty, wet the sides and bottom with the shower. Sprinkle it with powdered cleanser. Do not put any on the shower door. Scrub the tub with the tile brush, starting at opposite end to the drain. Scrub until the tub is clean. Use a tile brush where the tile and the tub meet if there is tile.

Place the tile brush in the sink, and rinse down the tub/shower and the doors by turning on the shower. This becomes a cinch with a detachable shower head. Rinse the walls and the shower doors before rinsing the tub. Rinse the walls above the drain first, move to the end, then rinse from top to bottom. After the walls and doors are clean, rinse the tub from back to front. Feel to see if it is clean, and make sure that all the cleanser is rinsed away. If there’s any mold left anywhere, spritz it with bleach. Then, wipe everything dry and buff until it shines. This is one way to refresh your home.