Guest blogging means writing blog posts for other blogs which are not yours? Guest blogging is obviously an advantage for both the writers and the owner of the websites you are writing for. For example, guest blogging can be a way to increase your traffic significantly. Your guest post can make visitors curious about your websites. If the content of your posts can attract them, it is likely that they will make a visit to your blog. The easiest way to do this is by using guest blogging services.  They will help you to find high quality sites and create an attractive content with links back to your blog.

Although guest blogging services are available, it will be a great idea if you want to learn to write a guest post on your own. Unfortunately, not many people know how to write effective guest blogging. Instead of giving them some benefits, they guest post fails. It can happen because of some reasons. Some bloggers become too selfish when they write a guest post. Even, they tend to steal the blog owner’s audience. It does not mean that you cannot ask for what you want. Still, you have to receive something in return. But, don’t be too selfish-serving.  Everything should be done with your host’s consideration. Other mistakes that bloggers often when making a guest post are they post on wrong Niche and post on a low quality blog.

You can always use guest blogging services. But if you want to try on your own, here are some tips that can help you to write effective guest posts.

Post on the right websites

Don’t simply go to any random websites. It is very important that you search the right websites, the ones that have something to do with your own websites otherwise you target wrong customers. For example, if you run a website discussing home decoration or designs, you can write a guest blog on websites that sells furniture pieces. Moreover, make sure that the website has a professional content and appearance. Avoid any amateur websites. These sites usually don’t have a lot of traffic. Writing a guest blog for such websites will be useless as not many people will see your post.

Researching The Sites

After you find the possible websites where you can post your guest blog, research the sites further.  For example, you can try to find out about their audience. It is important to prevent overlapping target market that can disadvantage you and the website owners Also, find out whether they are popular platform or not. It can be done by checking the comments on the blogs and their social media accounts. You can also study the content they publish so you have ideas to write something that fits with their content. After you do your own research, you can contact them.

Demonstrate Your Authority on the Topic You Write

Make sure that your guest blog is well-written and the content is reliable. If your guest post is poorly written, probably no websites want to publish it. Convince them with your writing expertise through your pitch. For example, you can write about attractive home design because you are a home decorator, or you can give advice on healthy diet because you are a nutritionist. Most websites like accurate and high quality contents.

Follow the Rules

There is usually a guideline set by the websites for pitching your idea. Every website may have their own guidelines that are different each other. Some websites require a guest blogger to write a completed article in the email body while others may want to have only a brief description of the post with some possible headlines. There are also websites that ask for more detailed subject lines. No matter the guidelines are, just follow them. This shows that you are a pitcher that is easy to cooperate with. If you break the rule, it is likely that your pitch will never be published. Therefore, it is important to stick with the rules.

Direct the Potential Visitors to the Right Links

Your guest post serves to attract potential visitors to your blog. If they are interested in your content, the will click your links. Send customers directly to the right webpage for example the one where they can see your products or services or the page about your business profile and contacts. Most visitors prefer a direct click to a page that’s relevant to their need.

Responds to any Questions or Comments

Interactions are very important in business. Most of costumers will buy products or services after five or six time interacting with the business owners. Comments or questions that the leave offers a golden opportunity as by answering the questions or responding to their comment, you can promote them with your business. Therefore, whenever you get notified that someone asks questions or write comments related to your guest blog, directly respond to them quickly. Even when it is just a short and simple comment, always respond to it. It is a better idea if the responses have a kind of hidden message that will increase the curiosity to visit your blog.

So, those are some simple yet useful tips if you want to write an effective guest blog that will target potential visitors of your own websites.

Writing a guest blog is not everyone, though. Those who are busy or do not have idea on what to write may need a help of guest blogging service. Some of them are free while some others are not. There are things to consider when choosing the best service. The most important thing is to choose the one with a good reputation. You can find out whether the providers are recommended or not by doing your own research. Second, discuss your goals with the guest blogging providers. You need to ensure that they know what you want so they can give you the suitable solutions and the best guest post.