Are you facing a lot of hair loss that can even result in baldness. There can be numberless reasons of the Hair loss such as sickness, intake of poor nutrition or surgical procedures but these can be overcomed by your own, although not possible for some people.

However, there can also be other kind of hair loss such as male pattern balding that can even result in permanent hair loss. If you are worried about such hair loss and losing your hope not to gain hairs again then read this article. This can be a perfect solution to your problem.

Hair Transplant is the ultimate remedy to your problem. It is considered as a surgical procedure that covers the bald patches of scalp. Although considering the view of American Dermatologist, it may take about six months for the new hairs to look natural.

But this may take some efforts even after the Hair Transplant. In order to get the immense successful results you need a tough caring for your hair after the Hair Transplant and helps in speeding your hair growth.

We are giving you the step wise procedure to speed up your hair growth after Hair Transplant –

Step 1

After the Hair transplant you need to treat your scalp delegate and be regular with your medications prescribed by your doctor. Don’t put pressure on the transplanted section and also wait to shampoo your hairs until and unless your doctor permits you to do such. Shampoo your hairs after getting permission from your doctor and try to use a mild shampoo to clean your scalp.

Also be gentle while applying the shampoo over your hairs and as well as rinse should also be light. Dry it with soft hands.

Step 2

Such as Chicken Pox we are suggested from our elders to keep our fingers away from the pimples similary it’s better to keep your fingers far away from the Healing area even if you experience some itching or scabbing at your transplanted area. Be sure not to scratch your scalp or pick the little scabs.

Step 3

This may be quite difficult but you have to stop or we can say limit your activities immediately after Hair Transplant because this may cause sweating. This mainly includes your physical activities like jogging, bicycling, hiking or other sports for atleast a week or even more than that.

The reason behind limiting your physical activities is to prevent the hairs transplanted from falling out of your scalp and also advised to use hat while moving out.

Step 4

You need proper nutrition and this can be possible only through a healthy diet properly balanced with fruits, vegetables, cereals and other nutrition. Healthy diet or proper nutrition is always the main reason behind improving your hair growth. You are advised to consume antioxidant foods like tomatoes, blueberries, cherries, peppers, squash etc.

Consult to your doctor and avoid foods from which you may be allergic to or which can be harmful to your health. Intake as much water as you can such as 6-8 glasses every day.

Step 5

Once your doctor permits you treat your scalp with a gentle massage around your transplanted area. Prepare a oil by blending 1 tbsp of olive oil with three drops of essential oils such as rosemary, sage along with peppermint and give a light massage to your scalp with this oil once or twice a day. These natural and essential herbs helps in promoting new hair growth.

Step 6

Before applying anything on your scalp avoid forgetting your doctor’s instructions and ask him about using minoxidil which promotes the hair growth faster. Studies have proved that this solution may stimulate your hair growth but apply this only and only your doctor permits you.

These are few suggestions which will definitely help you in promoting hair growth after the Hair Transplant. Jaipur Skin City is the recommended Hospital for Hair transplant at best hair transplant cost!