Enterprise Resource Planning And Its Significance

ERP is a software that has been developed to become a solution to the business world. Its significance cannot be undermined in the industry as it has been used in maintaining and developing a competitive edge in the industry. With the system, a firm will be in a position to plan for a specific product, develop and place it on the process before being marketed and sold.

During the process, the ERP is a system that involves integrating software modules giving the firm a proper view on the production, the way orders are made and managing the inventory, therefore, keeping a good track on the resources of the company and the daily activities made.

Through the system communication will also easily flow in the company, shareholders and the stakeholders of the company.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamic NAV is an ERP product that has been developed over the years to provide Microsoft Dynamic NAV solutions in different sectors. It is compatible in most business operations both wholesaler and distributors of products this ensures that all operations from the processing of the order to the general ledger are up to per.

In the business, Microsoft Dynamic NAV has made it possible to make the manufacturing activity is well automated and all actions done can be easily monitored from the production, storage, and delivery into the market.

With Microsoft Dynamic NAV, your team will be in a position to work at optimum at their comfort wherever the team is not necessarily being at the workplace since it is easy to monitor daily activities, offers relevant information needed and can be used to plan for the next day work therefore creating flexibility in the business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has ensured that activities are in the best way possible therefore it will be able to meet any change in the demand in the market, therefore, meeting the customer’s expectations through its diversity.


Capability Of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in The Manufacturing Industry


1. Demand Estimation

The software is able to make forecasts of different products and components based on the data allowed in the system. This means that production can be made and purchasing of orders keeping in mind the demand estimated and the number of inventory available at the current time.


2. Material Requirements outlay

The materials required in the industry process such as the automatic purchase orders and setups needed for items in the ordering.


3. Billing of materials

With Microsoft Dynamic NAV innovation, a proper design has been created that is powerful and is easy to maintain it making it possible to make billing of materials and routing. By this, it is possible to collect the required labor, track the labor and create a mechanism of making the purchase orders.


4. Quick Processing

With Microsoft Dynamic NAV it can be done in short period since it is possible to make rush orders, do exemptions and make changes even when the process is due through tracking and interactive messages on actions to be taken.


5. Finite Loading

This a feature that takes into account on constraints, therefore, ensuring there is no overworking on the workplace during a particular period. Finite loading has a feature that facilitates the calculation of the capable to promise.