Signs Indicate Another Campaign Season Is Upon Us


It’s spring time… and you might be tempted to think the season got its name from the fact that those campaign yard signs are starting to “spring” up all over the place.

The 2018 national election campaign season is beginning to roar to life, of course… but nowadays, when local municipal and county elections and state and national primaries are right around the corner, you’ll be seeing yard signs for every race from Coroner to Congress.

And maybe… just maybe… you’ve caught the bug yourself.

Running for office?  Supporting a ballot initiative?  Or tempted to do so?

Whether you’re a candidate or a supporter, a committee member or a contributor… you might find yourself in the market for yard signs these days.

Your qualified, professional large format printer can help!

Make Your Cause Or Candidacy Stand Above The Rest

Great signs come from great designs.

Color, for instance, is a wonderful way to make your signs stand out from the competition.

We all know the American flag is red, white, and blue.  And many causes and candidates want to create a subtle psychological connection with that strong sense of American patriotism by creating campaign branding (the logo and look of signs and other printed materials) which uses those grand old colors.

But did you know that the red, white, and blue of the American flag are actually very precise variations of those three colors?  They have exact numerical designations your large-format printer knows all about… in fact, the best printers use technology that can dial in the exact red, white and blue (or green or yellow or whatever) your campaign advisors call for!

So don’t let your red/white/blue yard signs end up mauve/cream/lavender… unless you’re going for a mauve/cream/lavender look!  (Those colors have precise numerical values, too.)

Color is just one of the areas where your large format printer can become an invaluable resource for your campaign’s branding and style.  After all, signs are your large format printer’s business.

Different Is Often Better

Every candidate and cause has those standard yard signs all over the neighborhood… or they soon will.

Making your campaign’s signs different can send the message that your cause or candidate is different, too.

And when it comes to elections, “I’m different” is the winning message everyone’s trying to “own.”

If all your opponent has are the standard-sized yard signs, maybe more (and larger) vinyl fence and siding banners might help you corner the market on the “I’m different” message.

Your opponent has some banners?  Why not try some sturdy, free-standing wooden signs at strategic, high-traffic locations in your district?

Whatever it takes to be different – to stand out from the competing causes and candidates – your large format printer can help you get the right message across with your campaign signage.

It’s a fact: campaign signs are signs of the times.  No matter what your political or social leanings, most folks these days agree that elections matter.  They’re important.  So if your favorite cause or candidate is important to you, think about investing in (and possibly donating) great campaign signage.  It could be your winning edge.