Analytics holds an important spot in today’s economy. Every major organization is making use of the data that they have been collecting for years now. Which is leading to the increased demand for people who can mine as well as smartly interpret data called Data scientists.

In this article, I will discuss what data science really means, what are the different roles in it & how high the demand is for people possessing data science skills today.

What is a Data Scientist’s contribution to the vast field of Data Science?

Data Scientist is a professional that possesses the skills set of a mathematician & computer scientist. They are the trend spotters of our times. The job of a Data Scientist involves interpreting & analyzing data in large quantities in order to get a deeper & stronger insight into what it actually means.

A Data Scientist’s work makes them juggle between the IT & business worlds. They are required to evaluate data to help companies understand their business in a better manner & make finer decisions.

Data science certification

As a matter of fact, there is not just one Data Science role out there as the job market it full of different Data Science titles.

What are the popular Data Science titles?

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

The job of a BI Analyst demands them to analyze data in order to get a knowledge of business & market trends so that organizations get a better picture of where their business stands & what alteration they need to make to become more successful.

  1. Data Mining Engineer

Data Mining Engineers do not only analyze data but also constructs sophisticated algorithms for making the Data Analysis process faster & better.

  1. Data Architect

Data Architects are supposed to work closely & coordinate with the users, developers & system designers for making blueprints that are used by data management systems in order to integrate, centralize maintain as well as protect several data sources.

  1. Data Scientist

The job of Data Scientist starts with converting a business instance into an agenda of analytic, coming up with a hypothesis, comprehending the data & figuring out patterns to see what they affect they would have over the business. And for the further analysis of data, they also find algorithms.

By making effective use of Business Analytics, Data Scientists not only inform companies on how the data would impact their business but also prepare such organization by providing them with useful solutions to deal with any problem that they may face in the future.

  1. Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist have the ability to predict any problems that a company might have to confront in the future. They also gather large sets of data and analyze it for solving complicated business issues.

As they have lots of experience in their field, they are capable enough to design new standards & drive them. Senior Data Scientists also come up with several methods to use statistical data & create devices to do a deeper analysis of the data.

How to become a part of the Data Science field?

Big Data and Analytics Certification

To get a job in the Data Science field, you have to attain multiple hard skills such as machine learning, statistics, analysis, Hadoop & so on. And the best way to a develop these skills is by earning a potent certification in Data Science.

There are a number of Big Data and Analytics Certification that can help you acquire useful Big Data education and will also assist you in developing important skills like critical thinking & persuasive communication which is highly necessary to have when working in the Data Science field.