Choosing a mattress is not an easy task … To help you see more clearly, we tested 3 mattresses site Specialist mattress, the brand offers a full range of mattresses, box springs and all the panoply for the room to the headboard. We tell you everything; the mattress will have no secret for you!

Mattresses: the criteria of choice

Sleep is a panacea more and rarer among the city dwellers in a hurry. An adequate mattress to be well rested is essential especially when one knows that a mattress is often an investment over 10 years. You can visit for more.

Follow our advice to find the right one and attack the day on the right foot

There are 3 different on the market: latex, foam or pocket springs.

A mattress is chosen mainly according to the desired comfort (soft, firm …).

However, 4 criteria are determined to make sure to choose it:

  • home,
  • the firmness,
  • support,
  • Sleeping independence.

The welcome is the first sensation you will feel when you lie on the mattress. The comfort of the mattress reception depends on the nature of the mattress padding (wool, cotton, silk) and the thickness of the padding. For the comfort of a cozy bed, we recommend you choose a soft welcome. For the search for a firmer comfort, prefer the tonic reception.

Natural Latex Mattress

The degree of firmness

The firmness of the mattress is determined by its suspension (springs, latex, foam …) and will depend on the pressure exerted by the body on the mattress.

Choose your mattress according to:

  • your size,
  • and your weight.

A fat person will choose a firmer mattress, while a thinner person will choose a softer mattress.

However, it should be neither too firm nor too supple to keep your spine straight:

  • Too firm a mattress can interfere with blood circulation, disrupting the quality of sleep.
  • A mattress too soft will tend to the body sinks to the pool.
  • The degree of firmness of a mattress is therefore chosen according to its size but also according to a personal sensitivity: one in which one feels good, light and relaxed.

Good to know: To choose your mattress, do not hesitate to lie on your back and to check that you are not arched but that the mattress marries your body. If you can put your hand between the mattress and your kidneys, it is because it is too firm for you.

Springs Mattress

The support will condition the sleeping comfort and is provided by the suspension of the mattress, that is to say the internal part. The support of the mattress ensures the maintenance of your spine during your sleep and is chosen according to its morphology (size and weight).

  • Depending on the different mattress technologies: pocket springs, latex or foam, the characteristics of the support are different.
  • For latex mattresses and cellular foam, the quality of support will depend on the thickness of the inner part of the mattress (12 to 20 cm).
  • For pocket sprung mattresses, the greater the number of springs the more support there is.
  • Do you have back pain? On some mattresses, there are 3, 5 or 7 comfort zones that allow to better distribute the pressure of the different parts of the body and to ensure good support of your spine so that it is perfectly aligned during your sleep.
  • Good to know: The Mattress brand provides advice on its website to find the mattress that suits us according to our weight and size.

Sleeping independence

When two people sleep in the same bed, it is important that the movements of one do not disturb the sleep of the other. We turn around 40 times a night; if you live in a couple this score can be doubled! Preserving your independence of sleeping to promote a good sleep by avoiding interrupting your phases of deep sleep then becomes essential.