Finding the Best IP Geolocation Lookup Services

There are several IP geolocation lookup services out there. You need to locate the best so that you can enjoy several benefits associated with the services. With the right IP geolocation you can enjoy the following benefits in your online business:

finding the best ip geolocation lookup services

Building great experience based on understanding a given location

With the IP geolocation, you can know where users of your services are located and create custom services aimed at satisfying their specific needs. For example, you can customize the currency which people from certain locations can use. Access to blocking and digital rights allows you to manage your business easily. When customers access the best services, they will tend to prefer your business over others which will lead you to making a lot of profit.

Security applications

You need to employ high safety standards in your online business. With IP geolocation you can gain an insight into your market demographics and discover emerging trends. If there is a security treat based on the demography you target in your business, it will be easy to take necessary steps and stay on the top of the security issues. It will be very easy to identify risky account origin from where you can take necessary steps to secure your online business. The IP location systems also make it easy for you to compare visitors from different IPs and know the one who can expose your enterprise to fraud so that you can lock them out.


Factors to Consider when Finding the Best Geolocation Lookup Services

There are several factors you should take into consideration to locate the most accurate geolocation lookup data. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration to locate the best system:

factors to consider when finding the best geolocation services

IP blocks and locations

The lookup system should cover more than 99.5% of IP blocks and locations. A service such as the one available at allows you to cover a large percentage of the IPs. If you can rely on a system which covers a lot of IP blocks and locations, then you will easily capture data from as many IPs as possible which will increase your accuracy.

IP addresses in use covered

You should try and look for a lookup system which accommodates as many IP addresses in use as possible. It is necessary because when many IP addresses are covered, you will increase your chances of capturing accurate data when trying to locate a given IP address.

Satisfied customers

There are other users who have tried the services. In order to be on the right track, you need to check on what other people are saying about a given service. If a given service has a lot of satisfied customers, then there are high chances you will be assured the best services after you decide it try such an IP lookup service.

Parameters you can discover

With the right IP geolocation lookup services, you can discover several parameters about a given IP. For example, according to this article you can discover parameters such as Country, Region / State / Province, City, Postal code, Latitude / Longitude and Timezone. The more the parameters you get out of an IP geolocation the better because you will have enough information to make an informed decision.