“Phantom pain” is one of the most widely known chronic neuropathic conditions that affects and interrupts the daily lives of millions of amputees throughout the US. It is generally thought that this neuropathic condition results because of damage to nerves where the limb was amputated, as the brain continues to create and send signals to the brain, as if the limb was still attached. Sometimes, only invasive surgery is able to correct the issue, but many people are now turning to certain cannabis strains as a viable treatment route as an alternative to surgery.

Symptoms of Phantom Pain are rather debilitating. The symptoms can include, but are not limited to itching, pressure, burning, and twisting at the ending. These feelings can sometimes only last just for few minutes during the day, while others feel this pain all the time. The conventional treatment solutions on offer also produce side effects, so this is why interest is being placed on cannabis to offer a no side effect treatment that many millions can enjoy. So, what strains are known to offer some form of benefit to sufferers?


Harlequin is normally the go too strain for the vast majority of phantom pain sufferers. This is partly due to the low psychoactive THC that is present in the strain compared to others. The CBD content of the Harlequin is quite high at 11%, so this is the perfect strain for patients who don’t want a psychoactive effect, such as getting high.  The taste of the strain is also widely welcomed thanks to the sweet fruity flavour.

Green Crack

Don’t be put off by the name of this strain. Green Crack is another strain which is known to be effective for phantom limb pain too. A good secondary benefit of this strain is that it is able to increase focus, as there is a lot of anecdotal evidence which points to better clarity of mind.

The effects of Green Crack last for the whole day, so it is perfect for those who feel pain at all times of the day.

If you are looking for more recommendations, we would recommend that you ask your local dispensary who will be able to recommend strains for your own personal use. It is possible to check out your nearest location by visiting https://cannabis.net/find/dispensary. Do you use cannabis for phantom limb pain? Let us know!