In simple words, Link building is the process of getting natural & high-quality links from other sites. These days, almost all SEO professionals emphasize on link building because it improves the ranking of websites or web pages in Google and other search engines, attracts and potential customers, improves brand awareness, and help entrepreneurs to get more business opportunities. But, there are many obstacles in the link building task.

On several occasions, after getting dofollow links from other website owners, you may find that those links are no longer available or become nofollow. There are many reasons why a webmaster removed your link all of a sudden.

The most common reason is to reduce the number of outbound links by removing previously published articles or links. In that case, they don’t return the money spent on guest blogging, which is a direct loss to your business. How to deal with such unscrupulous webmasters or link blockers? Let’s study and find out.

  1. Take Your Time to Find Reliable Website Owners

As the possibilities for relatively simple and low-cost opportunities for referral links are becoming less and less with each passing day, a fair understanding of the importance of building real and strong relationships with authoritative sites and domains is of great significance. Always deal with web owners who have a large audience of active readers and subscribers. Always keep in mind that it is better to get one link from the DA70 site than 4 from the weak DA30 blogs as websites with low DA doesn’t give you substantial referral traffic and business opportunities.

  1. Pay Attention to The Site Relevance

Most SEO professionals pay a lot of attention to the quality of the domain and other indicators. But, they hardly think about the relevance of websites, which is a very short-sighted approach if you think from the view of link building.

Always keep in mind that Targeting relevant sites is a safe and secure way to build high-quality links to your site. So, always remember a site with high relevance and average DA will always have an advantage over the site with medium or low relevance, but a high DA. Trust and reputation in the market powerful tool for determining the quality of a website easily and effortlessly.

  1. If Possible, Communicate Website Owners and Audience Personally

The most effective means of finding and identifying relevant websites is that you should have the ability to understand the needs of your customers easily and the problems faced by them. Always try to establish good relationships with visitors, know the type of content they want to read and the stuff they desperately need anytime soon.

  1. An Appropriate Use of Anchor Text

When you tend to create high-quality backlinks to your website, the proper use of the Anchor Text matters a lot. You must always keep in mind that it can become a potential trap for those who decide to abuse the potential of anchor text to gain unfair advantages over their competitors.

Unnatural distribution of anchor text in the content can plummet the rating and ranking of your website and even cause penalty from search engines. Just distribute your keywords on different types of anchor links and maintain a healthy correlation of these links with branded and bare anchors. The placement of anchor text in the content should not exceed more than 1%.

  1. High-quality Content

Believe my words, Guest website owners will delete your content without notifying you in advance if their site becomes a subject matter of penalty from Google or other search engines soon after its publication. So, there is no alternative to high-quality content. If you still creating content for search engines and not for people, your link-building strategy is doomed to see a complete fiasco.

The idea to pump low-quality content for Guest Blogging & gaining do-follow links by hook or by crook often looks very tempting, but a direct connection with the targeted audience in lost in most of the cases.

So, just give up the Copy paste job while writing content and start producing really interesting and high-quality materials to get good dofollow links from other website owners and easily meet the needs of the targeted audience.

  1. Use a Link Checker Tool

You need to use a link checker tool to easily know the status of your live links, find deleted links, and do the troubleshooting yourself. Always keep in mind that losing a high-quality link to your website amounts to a bigger damage to the brand and business. Ask the website owners to explain the reason for the removal of backlinks to your website and take all possible measures for its restoration as soon as possible.

Final Words

The temptation to use forbidden methods of link building often comes into the mind of SEO professionals when there is a downward slide in the business of companies and business organizations. Different updates made by Google prevents such practices successfully. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and get tangible results in Link Building Efforts. Good Luck!

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