Find out all the reasons being a live-in carer is so much better than a care home job, including emotional and financial rewards.

Working in a care home takes a very compassionate, driven and hard-working person with plenty of energy and a big heart. If you want to become a live-in carer however, that takes even more special attributes that not everybody has.

Only people who want to form a real bond with their clients, who are able to multi-task for long hours of the day, who are sensible and kind and have a desire to have a deep impact on a person’s life are suitable for live-in care jobs in the UK. Do you think that sounds like you? If you recognise those qualities in yourself, perhaps you should consider live-in care as a career option.

Here are just a few reasons it is so much better than a care home job:

You Can Give More Time To The Job You Love

Caring for people is not something that can be rushed, and yet in some care home positions this is unfortunately what happens. Carers are forced to spend minimum amounts of time with their clients to get basic jobs done, and carers and clients are left feeling unfulfilled. With live-in care jobs you are able to spend all the time you want to completing all the jobs you are expected to do and more. You have the time to add those little details that make a person feel cared for. Conversations about the news, cooking with them or taking the time to cook special meals they love. Sitting and watching a movie with them, or just taking as long as you need to complete personal care jobs.

You Get Paid More

Some of the perks of UK live-in care jobs are not related to care, but instead to your own personal gains. As you work longer hours and the job is much more detailed you get more money than you would in a care home job. You can also save money on food and utilities and possibly transport because you’ll be spending a lot of time at work.

You Get Much More Variation In Tasks

In a care home you have set tasks you need to complete. Often they are personal care tasks that need to be completed for a large number of people. It can become repetitive especially when you don’t have time to get to know each client as you would like to. With self employed live in care jobs you get to enjoy all kinds of tasks, from taking a client to an art class or baking class, to going on holiday with them. Even everyday tasks like personal care or cooking are more interesting because you can chat to the client and cook different foods that they love.

You Get To Make A Real Bond With Your Client

As there isn’t much time to chat with each client in a care home, there isn’t room to make a real bond. Of course you can care about each client but, there just isn’t time to get to know them properly and make a real difference to their life. With Self employed live in care jobs you are carefully matched to a client and you have a lot of time to establish a bond. You can get to know them, listen to their memories, get to know their family and friends and generally become a part of their life, on a professional basis. Having the opportunity to impact somebody’s life in such a beautiful way is very special.

Although working in a care home can be very satisfying, live-in care jobs do have a lot of extra benefits that do make the job extremely desirable. If you’re working in a care job that doesn’t make you happy, now could be a great time to look into being a live-in carer.