Parenting is really a tough job and one cannot understand the seriousness of this job without becoming a parent. Those partners who become parents acquire many pieces of advice from their parents as well as from friends and relatives. What to do and what not to do, mostly new parents become confused.

So, whether you have become a new parent or already have kids, here we have 7 current psychology studies that every parent should know gameboy advance emulator

Always put your child first

There are some parents who think that their child-eccentric attitudes not beneficial for the upcoming life of kids but the recent  psychology study has proved this wrong. Child-eccentric attitude is purely productive for the kids and parents should have to put their kids first before themselves and others.

A study was conducted in the year of 2013 and according to that study; those parents who adopted the child-eccentric attitude were happier and had fewer negative feelings.

The more attention, respect, and care you give to others, the more happiness will come your way. So, the more child-eccentric you are, the more happy and meaningful parenting life you will live.

Never become a helicopter parent

Your kid can get badly affected by your too much attention and care. Those parents who always cross the healthy boundaries created by their kids make them suffer from anxiety and depression. Many parents think that if they will give them independence then they may become bad individuals but the study conducted in 2013 found that the helicopter parenting style is not suitable for the kids. The higher levels of depression and lower levels of independence and ability were found in the undergraduate students due to the helicopter parenting style.

Therefore, parents should focus on how much of their involvement is appropriate for kids according to their age best gba games

Avoid unnecessary strictness

Most of the parents think that there is no harm in using strict verbal discipline but it is not true at all. The study found that those parents who took the support of harsh words to control their kids got no success in keeping things tight. No matter how much you have a strong bond with your kid, his or her behavior will become worse due to the harsh verbal discipline. The rough attitude of parents is always disadvantageous for kids and it is impossible to change their behaviors, instead, the condition worsens.

Regular bedtimes are very much important

Yes, regular bedtimes are essential for the overall development of kids. The cognitive performance of the kids is much associated with the regular bedtime. Many parents are unaware of the importance of a proper bedtime routine. The study affirmative poor cognitive scores in tests were linked to the irregular sleeping patterns in kids. Kids around 3 years of age took part in the study and it was found that irregular bedtimes are not good for their brain development. Also, this age period was found vital for the cognitive development; therefore, parents have to set a regular bedtime for kids.

Limit the screen time of kids

According to a new study it was found that kids who spend more than two hours in watching TV perform below par in the kindergarten. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that kids more than 2 years of age should not be in front of the TV for more than 2 hours and the children below 2 years of age should never spend a minute in front of it. The research showed that the increment in TV time decreased the vocabulary, number knowledge scores, and motor functions in kids. Also, their classroom engagement got affected.

Parents should help each other in doing various home tasks

Here is another advice for the parents that they should work together to deal with the housework. To achieve the marital satisfaction, it is essential for the partners to divide the work fairly. By doing the housework together, partners often stay happy because they argue less. The study showed that partners were much happier and there was more martial satisfaction found when the work was fairly divided between the partners. Also, women want their partners to help them in doing housework that also shows true love between them.

Exercise is essential for kids

Physical activities are much more beneficial for kids because they not only keep them fit physically but also make them strong mentally. According to the study, it was found that the academic performance of the kids was increased in subjects of Science, Math, and English when they started taking active participation in doing various physical exercises.

Also, the performance of kids in exams was enhanced when they reached their older ages. Moreover, girls scored better in science when they increased their physical activities In the end, it is recommended to parents to be child-eccentric. Also, they should avoid helicopter parenting behavior, never use harsh words, keep their focus on the kids’ bedtimes, and limit their screen time. Also, they have to help each other in doing the housework and motivate their kids to take the active part in various physical activities gba emulator