Most new mobiles purchased on ‘pay as you go’ or contract from a mobile network brand will be locked to that particular network. In other words, only that network’s SIM cards will work with the phone (different SIM cards from the same network are compatible in phones locked to that network), and the phone will be blocked from using SIM cards from other networks. Networks do this to keep hold of their customers and to discourage them from moving to other networks. In contrast, unlocked mobile phones are compatible with SIM cards from all of the different network providers. This means that all of the mobile’s network-specific functions, such as making and receiving calls and text messages, using data services, etc., will be freely available to use. Unlocking your iPhone 6 is as simple as making tea by just using the unlock codes for iphone 6 which you get from the locking company.

  • Buying an Unlocked Mobile Phone: Pros

These are the advantages of purchasing an unlocked mobile phone:

  • Universal Network Compatibility

The most beneficial aspect of an unlocked mobile phone is that SIM cards from all networks will work on the phone. With the freedom to use any carrier, it is naturally easier to find the right SIM plan at a desired price-point. Different networks have their own extensive array of service plans which will benefit the needs and preferences of some more than others, so it is always beneficial to be able to have the biggest choice of carriers possible. An unlocked phone proves useful in lots of common situations in life thanks to universal network compatibility. If one phone runs out of battery and there is nowhere to charge the phone, an unlocked phone could be just the answer. It is easy to imagine just how important an unlocked phone could be in a difficult or emergency situation.

  • Changing Networks

SIM-locking is primarily used by networks to protect their investment when issuing the phone on contract, because in this case the customer has yet to pay for the actual handset. But the contract might not end up being ideal, and the network might not offer exactly what is desired. With an unlocked phone, it is simple to choose another cheap SIM and use it for a better rate, and this is especially popular for gaining a cheaper 3G/4G data rate. The ability to mix and match accordingly is always a bonus, and with 4G becoming more and more popular and widespread, this benefit will continue on into the foreseeable future.

  • Good battery life

Unlocking an iphone 6 is just another advantage to save battery and another pro for using it in the unlock version. Unlocked iphone 6 uses less power of the phone hence providing the phone to have immense battery backup.

Roaming Capabilities

Steep call charges and even steeper data roaming charges are two common drawbacks to using a native SIM in a foreign country. With an unlocked phone, however, it is possible to purchase a foreign GSM SIM for the country in question and take advantage of the much cheaper call and data rates.

  • Higher Resale Value

Unlocked mobile phones are highly sought after, and they naturally command a higher price than identical phones which are not unlocked.