The voice channel is the only support medium that experiences the maximum footfall of customers. This is so because 60% of customers prefer to place a call when they are in need of support service. However, handling a mammoth customer call traffic could give an incommodious experience.

That’s the main reason why most of the organizations contact reputed call centre providers in India to handle customer service queries. The factor that keeps the BPO firms going is the determination of delivering the best solutions. For the same reason, BPO companies make suitable changes in their support service after a short period of time.

In order to give phenomenal calling experience to customers, BPO organizations often take these major steps:

1.    Give reliable call scripts

Business owners approach BPO firms so that customers could be assisted by the deft support agents. The voice channel is very close to customers’ hearts as it offers the human touch that other support mediums don’t. To ameliorate the telephone medium, it is significant to give reliable call scripts.

A script plays a very crucial role during the support service interactions because it maintains the balance between consistency and speed. That’s why call centre providers in India often try to weed out the glitches from the scripts.

Note: A call script would only be beneficial if it gets used with proper caution. In addition, carelessness while using scripts could bring both the CSAT score and CX level down.  

2.    Optimize the IVR system

An IVR system is the most important part of the telephone channel. This is so because whenever customers make a call, they first enter into the IVR menu that consists of multiple options. After entering into the IVR menu, customers have only two choices — solve the issues on your own by choosing an appropriate option or make a contact with support agents.

Unlike millennial customers, ‘Generation X’ often prefers to speak with support agents. Here, it is imperative to make certain that customers always reach to the right department as that’s the only way to ensure the deliverance of prompt resolutions.

All in all, it is vital to keep optimizing the IVR system.

3.    Talk about the demerits of hitting the ‘Hold’ button

The major step that BPO firms generally take is ‘Making support agents understand the disadvantages of putting the customer on hold.’ Mostly, customers hate to wait for getting the desired resolutions, no matter which dais has been chosen for the communication.

During the training sessions, it is clearly explained that how swift resolutions help to boost the CSAT score and CX levels. But sometimes support agents hit the hold button unnecessarily in order to save themselves from the criticism. Because of this, customers’ calling experience gets ruined.

So, it is highly suggested to use the hold button when it comes to resolving the intricate issues.