Bulk sms are a great way to boost businesses and turnouts for events, and even increase participation. With a whopping 98% final readership rate, there is no way in going wrong to choose to advertise and market an idea to the masses through bulk SMS. To many, this may seem like an age-old concept, now that other messaging apps like Messenger and Whatsapp exists, but several sources point to the fact that 94% of all phone users still use the standard SMS feature to send texts. It may be ‘age-old’, but it is still effective, more than ever.

If a business seeks out to reach for an audience through bulk-messaging, this short guide will help figure out the basics and requirements.

The first point of interest to bear in mind is to pay attention the location of the demographic. If the company wishes to communicate with a locale in say, Delhi, it would be wise to invest in a company that provides bulk sms service in delhi. By choosing a message service in delhi, for Delhi, the costs become more wallet-friendly. This of course, applies to any location.

Most companies preferer to use specialised software for personal computers to send out bulk SMS, this is also a viable option. There are several available software (both free and paid) that may help with this task. Furthermore, there are online website that offer this service as well, and just like PC software, these may be free or paid. It would better help to note that software and website come with important terms and conditions in order to make full use of them. It is of paramount importance to go through all related agreements and documents when subscribing to their services- this helps understand the company’s requirements- both the provider’s and the consumer’s.

Now that the simple nature of bulk SMS has been discusses, inevitably, there is a need to talk about the several benefits of this feature.

Bulk SMS services are wallet-friendly. Most schemes, websites and software do not require a huge sum of money in order to use them, if at all there is a fee. They are also very effective. As discusses firstly, SMS has a final readership rate of 98%. This means that 98 of every 100 people who receive the company’s SMS, reads them.

Furthermore, many businesses choose e-mails over SMS. E-mails have an average response time of up to 90 minutes, however, with SMS, the average time taken to respond is just about 90 seconds. Not only is there increased readership, there is increased response and participation as well.

SMS does not need internet or any other grand feature to function. If one has a cell-phone signal and a phone, they can receive and read SMS. Be it a smartphone or an old keypad phone, SMS does not discriminate- no internet or mobile data required here XPlayer.

Overall, if a business seeks to reach out and engage with a wide range of audience, though rather old, bulk sms is an excellent option to go for as it is effective, cheap and fast.