Unlike earlier times, people nowadays seem more interested in taking road trips. The credit of this transition goes to the advanced infrastructure of cars and the dynamic modification of technologies. Taking a long trip on the road becomes an enjoyable experience if you have the right car and a great company. Only then, you can expect your road journey to become memorable. It gets incredibly entertaining if you take the right gear along. Additionally, it helps boost passengers’ comfort and gives them a superb experience.

Driving along the highway with all the aesthetic beauty around you is quite refreshing. But you can hit an achingly long dull patch where you want the journey to end immediately. So, in these moments you need something to lessen the boredom. Fortunately, it is now possible with the miracle of technology to access countless entertainment channels inside the car. Today, we can have numerous videos, thousands of books and multiples games on our smartphones.

Most forums, recommend these in particular:

  • Kindle – you can download books from this app at a certain price and then read them offline
  • Amazon Instant Video – this app allows users to download several hours of their favorite shows and movies, at reasonable prices.
  • Card Games – there is a wide array of games we can play on our smartphones, and card games is one such app. It has a distinct way of keeping boredom at bay while manipulating brain cells to stay focused.

When we discuss car tech in particular, there are several software and gadgets that you can integrate within your vehicle. Here are some amazing technologies to take along with you on your next journey:

1. Vogek Car Charger

There is no need to fight over who gets to charge first. Conventional car chargers have only one or two ports, but this new gadget makes it possible to charge four devices at the same time. Even though Vogek does not fully support the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, but it works fine as a simple charger. Plus, it’s pocket-friendly.

2. Tile-Mate

Tile-Mate helps you keep track of all the important stuff that you take along on the trip. This gadget is a Bluetooth-connected tracking device that you can link with your smartphone or keys. This connection helps you spot these things when you lose them. Most important feature of this gadget is that it has a year-long battery life. This makes it possible to keep track of things even if you have lost them for a long time.

3. iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Car Mount

The iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless car mount is a necessity when you are on a long journey. The price of this instrument is higher than traditional car mounts. This is because it carries some outstanding features like a telescopic arm that you can mount on your windshield or dashboard, a dual USB charging port for multiple car passengers and the wireless charging facility.

4. iClever Himbox HB01 Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit


This gadget is not needed if you are traveling in a new car, but people who travel in their old wheels can make an easy upgrade by incorporating this Bluetooth car adapter. With its simple controls and operation, it can pair up with multiple devices at the same time. This is a good option if you have a couple of people who are waiting for their turn to play music.

5. Anker PowerDrive 4 with USB-C

With all the devices that you carry on the road trip, it is possible that you run out of connection ports. That is when the Anker PowerDrive comes into play. With its two-full size USB ports, it enables you to plug in multiple devices for power delivery. Research reveals that this PowerCore charged a Galaxy S8 nearly three times before it drained out. It also gets the phone to reach 21 percent within 15 minutes. Hence, it saves you the hassle of carrying different chargers for every device.

 6. Mobile Hotspot

While on the road, you cannot access any local Internet service. Using your smartphone’s tethering feature helps you to get online in these circumstances. Mobile hotspot’s function resembles that of USB modems, providing constant access to the internet with multiple devices. They have faster connection speed than private WIFIs, enabling the users to fulfill their connectivity requirements.

7. Magellan Dash Cam

With it’s high-resolution video recording, the Magellan Dash Cam now allows people to record their trip with extraordinary pixels. The built-in GPS displays the footage location at the top of every video. It comes with a 2.7-inch display, enabling you to watch the video instantly. In case you are expecting a long ride, you can attach a high capacity SD card with up to 128 GB storage.

Gone are the days when road trips were monotonous and tiring. The progress in the tech world makes it possible for people to have the best time of their lives when traveling on the road. It starts with having a vehicle that is comfortable and efficient. You can always find online car services that will allow you to exchange your current vehicle with the one that works well for long journeys. Start with instant car valuations, sell your car and find a replacement vehicle right away.

Nonetheless, after taking everything into account, it is important to remember that the purpose of car technologies is to make your ride a memorable one. Look around, enjoy the landscapes and rejuvenate your soul with the natural beauty that comes along. The gadgets are meant to add entertainment and fill up the boring moments.

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