Anyone who has been involved in the recruitment procedure will realize that it is a costly exercise, both in terms of time, money and effort. To avoid the recruitment procedure entirely, it is important to try and keep existing employees happy, meaning they are less likely to move. Sure, this can be a difficult to do, but even taking small measures can help keep employees happy. One of these ways is to take a look at your workplace culture. You want everyone who works with you to feel valued and included and culture plays a bit part in this.

If you don’t have a vibrant and inclusive culture, research has shown that time and time again that you will have reduced staff retention, which is not good for the morale of your team.

Of course, even if you do have a fantastic culture, there will be employees who need to move on for personal reasons. When this occurs, it is important to hire a replacement quickly and effectively by using a recruitment website. For example, in the dental industry, you can try, who have an excellent reputation in the dental industry.

What Exactly is “Culture”?

This can be quite hard to define, but it can be described as the workplace’s norms, values and behaviors which are visible on a day to day basis. Even if you have never thought about culture before, there is a culture in every workplace. It can be good or bad.

Hire Someone Who Shares the Values and Mission

When interviewing a candidate, you should ensure that they share the values and mission of your workplace. Make sure you ask questions which determines their intentions. This will allow you to quickly ascertain whether they are a good fit for the position and possess the required values and the mission of the workplace.

They may say for example that they will use this position to build their experience so they can go on and apply for a better job elsewhere in the future. Avoid people who want to use your job as a stepping stone, as you will likely need to rehire after a couple of years.

If you can identify that they do in fact share the values and the mission of your workplace, this will increase the chances of you hiring for the right fit at the first time of asking, which is key to improving and developing your culture for the better.

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