It comes without saying that health should be the topmost priority in any person’s life. There a reason there exists a proverb that says ‘health is wealth’.  And with the new year coming up it is but obvious that people will make new years resolutions to exercise daily, subscribe themselves to a gym membership just to forget it sooner than later. So, here’s a starter for all those who plan to take up the healthy way that suggests you 5 of the best sporting goods that you can buy before 2018 ends which will surely gear you up for the upcoming year. Most of these can be used just to exercise in your homes. That will also save you the trip and the unsure subscription to the gym.


Specifications and uses

A Yoga ball is quite a contemporary tool of exercise and also the most common one. Not just in a gym but it can also be owned personally as many do. A yoga ball is also called as an exercise ball or a swiss ball. It uses soft elastic in its composition. The sizes vary with the diameter which usually ranges from 35 to 85 centimeters or 14 to 34 inches. What makes it fun it that it is filled with air and reminds you of your childhood fun. The air pressure can be adjusted with the help of the valve stem of the yoga ball. The ball is widely used in physical therapy, exercise, athletic training. Some people also creatively incorporate it into weight training. The ball can be used in balancing exercises, body exercises, fitness exercises, gymnastics, Pilates exercise, physiotherapy, stability exercises, and various physical wellbeing exercises and therapies. The balls are also used in treatment for newborns and infants.


Get your own explosion proof yoga ball with exclusive gearbest coupon codes through the website. The ball comes with gas plug and a gas cylinder. The gas cylinder can be customized as per the preferred brand name tag and the size of choice. The ball is priced at the website for a sum of $ 9. 67 only. There are various promo codes that you will be suggested for on the website.

Size dimensions

The product is available in pink, silver, blue, red, purple and mixed color variants. The sizes available are 65 cm, 75 cm, and 55 cm. there is also an option to customize the size. The material used is PVC and is suitable for people of age 15 + and for younger with adult supervision. The website offers over 50 % off during the Cyber Monday sale and hosts another promo too.


Benefits and uses

The tool is perfect for the ones who wish to improve their abdominal strength and abdominal muscles. The trending fads of building “abs” can be achieved with the help of this sporting good. The wheel can be used for exercises like bicycle crunch, captains chair, torso track and many more.

Price details

You can use Gearbest coupon code to get the rebounding abdominal wheel exercise roller. You can get it on the website at $ 33. 04 only. The product weighs 1 kg in total. Get one for you and get on track with your core training and get your dream body.


Specifications and uses

A football is unarguably one of the most favorite sport of people     not just to watch but also to play and thus this is a sporting good that has made its way to the list. A football can be used by adults and young people both. The ball as a sporting good can be used for various different purposes and sports. It is totality contributes to the athletic well-being and spirit of the person. Apart for health benefits the games and sports also help the mental wellbeing of the people indulging in the sport. Apart from football one can use the ball for playing basketball, volleyball and many more games.


The gearbest website offers the customers a hand sewing handball, football for just a small amount of $ 14. 28. It comes in one standard color and the material used to make the ball is PU. The ball suits the size 5 of soccer sport.

Similar products

The website also offers fun pilates yoga massage ball at the price of $ 4. 61. It is made of rubber. Other Pilates mini yoga body stretching ball at $ 16. 73. Another unique type of ball that is available at the gearbest website is the explosion proof peanut capsule ball which is an idea in physiotherapy.


size dimentions and price

the importance of water is best known when on outdoor trips and exhaustive team sports. This practical five liter foldable water storage bag. It is ideal for outdoor hiking and tips. The bag is blue in color and is compact and foldable. It costs a small amount of $ 2. 87 only. It weighs mere 0. 0720 kgs.

Product specifications

The pack is foldable and convenient to store. it is nontoxic and BPA free. The product is approved by the FDA. It comes in 2 different capacities of 5 liters and 10 liters respectively. The item has a thick handle that is comfortable to hold and does not hurt the hand. The product has an overall rating of 5 stars and rests with 4. The product is widely recommended by the users who own it already.


Specifications and uses

In today’s fast paced life it has become really hard for people to take out time and do exercises so a contemporary trend to take an alternate step like avoiding lifts and taking the stairs, walking a little distance rather than using the vehicle. In such a case tracking becomes difficult and this is where such devices come handy.

Product description, price and functions

The multi function silicone pedometer electronic calorie counter, measures one’s steps and also the calories that a person burns. It is priced at $ 9. 92. The product is available in colors like black, pink, blue and white. It is compatible with devices like blackberry, windows, Android, Alibaba cloud, and iPod. It is manufactured with silicone, plastic and ABS head. It comes with a button battery. The function that is performed by this device is health monitoring, step counting, distance display, calorie consumption, date display, time display and step setting.

There are similar devices offered by various brands at different host websites. The prices vary according to the product, brand, and functions.

These are the top 5 sporting good that one must own keeping in mind the trends. Grab your favorite items now and gear up for a healthy new year.