A new year is upon us and words are flowing regarding the expected changes in the industries and job market in India. However, the concerns are still pretty similar. The traditional sphere of technical and non-technical jobs is shrinking under the pressure of automation at least this is what the popular narrative is. The silver lining is definitely the field of analytics and data science. India has galloped her way up to become one of the major practitioners of data analytics. So, if you are planning a career in Analytics, this is the time and useful SAS training online should be a great starting point for you.

The position of SAS in the larger scheme of things

SAS refers to Statistical Analysis Software; it is more of a software suite with numerous services, functionalities, and tools. It has been in the data science business for almost four decades. Dug deep in the industry, SAS holds almost 30% of the market. That being said the relevance of SAS is a much-debated topic. You’ll find a good number of people who are ready to write off SAS from the list of state of the art tools in favor of its open sources rivals like R and Python. But such trivia should not concern you. What you need to know is that SAS is and will be, for quite some time, a key player in data management, data mining, statistical analysis, and advanced analytics.

What makes SAS a necessary addition to your repertoire?

The simple fact that SAS is used by the largest players across different industries and that they are sticking to it while there are less expensive options should be enough to motivate you for learning SAS. It helps you in a few distinct ways

  • SAS certification increases your credibility as a data science professional
  • You become eligible for the roles of data management, data mining, statistical analysis etc.
  • A skill set combining SAS, R and Python can give you a firm foundation in the industry.

What does the future look like?

1 in 36 employees in Indian tech firms is an analyst and yet it cannot be said that data analytics has really paid off in the last few years. Companies are drowned in data and many of them have no clue how to leverage it. The data is as good as the questions it is able to answer. And the whole process of asking those questions and finding the answers needs to be conducted by trained professionals and with tact and precision. A software suite like SAS can become a real aid. There are far fewer professionals with SAS skills than the required number. SAS training online can open up a myriad of opportunities to you.

All you need to do is to enroll for a SAS course in one of the eminent institutes that provide data science training. Your focus should be on using SAS for data analysis and management. You will learn the statistical functions as well as the SAS language. And at the end of a moderate learning curve, you will see the possibilities.