Children are very active at their age, compared to adults. They grow up so fast that it only looks like yesterday they were so small. Kids need room to play and it’s only healthy for them to indulge in outdoor activities now and then to remain fit, increase concentration, learn how to be social and many other benefits. When it comes to choosing their area of playing, it’s only natural for those places to be limited to backyards, local parks or schools. If you’re looking for kids birthday party places in Houston, you can visit some fun parks.

Host a party

If you want to plan a surprise birthday party for your child or a planned one, we have plenty of space and a variety of different activities so that the children are never tired of playing. There are packages available which are standard but custom packages can be easily tailored to suit the individual needs. Whether the party is for a few hours or be it an entire day out for the kids, fun parks ensure that there are happy faces all around.

Activities for adults

The fun parks are not only limited to children but adults can indulge in some fun too. One such activity for children and adults alike is the trampoline handball. Handball is a game that is also played by professionals. When combined with a trampoline, children can use the jump from the trampoline to block the oncoming throws just like a professional. Go karting is another activity that people of all age groups can enjoy, except children. There are special tracks designed for little go karts for you to drive for a pre-decided time period or number of laps.


Trampoline ninja park

Parks like Irise Park are good trampoline place for kids. The ninja park is designed for children to improve their focus and eyesight. Kids have to pass every hurdle set in the area of the ninja park with the base of a trampoline to aid jumps and prevent any injuries. The hurdles are with increasing difficulty levels and increase the skills of children attempting it. This is also a form of exercise and it builds stamina.


Basketball is quite famous amongst Americans. Naturally, the children will be inclined to play it but this sport it not everyone’s cup of tea. With trampoline basketball, you can do the dunks like seen on the tv including the high jumps. A good thing is that no professional basketball skills are required to play this game at a park.


This is yet another sport that’s excellent for team building exercise. It is a unique experience for all age groups and it could also be a great activity for corporate functions. With the twist of being clubbed with a trampoline, the playing styles are endless with unlimited fun.

Scavenger hunt

This is a unique game for a group or a family. People gather in a group at a place in the park. They split into teams as the purpose of the game is to cover a large area of the park in limited time. All it takes is a list to be made and distributed amongst the teams of objects to be found or activities to be done. A bag is given and possibly a camera to click pictures. The winning team gets the prize or gets to call the shots for the rest of the day. If you’re looking for kids birthday party places in Houston, you can search further on