Here’s how you can make sure your app does well on the Android platform


From multi-national giants to small app startups, going viral stands to be the prime focus. Viral traction is organic, quick and throws light on the product or service within a couple of days or even hours. It is the reason why every app entrepreneur wants to know about ways that will make their app go viral. What they often take to be the stroke of luck is that there is always a reason why an app goes viral.

Consumers today have no patience to wait for an app that takes more than a few seconds to respond. They don’t compromise and often end up leaving comments like “Not working” and “Crashes” which turns away potential users from installing it. Therefore, an app does not succeed by chance. But it is due to the right decisions made by the developers at the right time.

Survey reveals that Android has a remarkable coverage across the globe. Any app that enters this platform can have an extensive reach if they play all their cards right. It will push information to users, adjust to slow data speed and provide an inspiring visual experience. Without any prior strategies, the odds are that only a few people will discover your app. This realization makes it necessary for every developer to focus on marketing and optimizing the app for user’s ease.

Thus, planning is fundamental for each entrepreneur who is about to pop into the Android store. They need to have knowledge of the entire industry and the right gear that enables them to outperform others in the market. Because let’s face it, you have to compete with other apps. Catch the traction you are aiming for and rise above all!

Here is a list of steps you can take to make sure that your app does well on the Android platform:

Offers a distinct product/service

Following the same pattern and offering similar services do not catch much attention. It is important that the app you are introducing in the market is original, resolves an issue or it proposes exclusive entertainment. Designing it well is yet another significant factor that counts to measure the success of the app. The developers need to focus on UI design, multi-touch gestures for touch-enabled devices and consider the Android design standards too. The first impression that you create through visuals, images, and content brings an instant impact on the user. If you are good on all these grounds, everything that follows becomes easy.

Social media sharing

A seamless method to enhance growth is by integrating social media sharing options within the app. This step makes it virtually possible for every user who enjoys the app to share it on social media.  It attracts a network of new users by easily adding social media sharing buttons or CTAs. However, you must go for a subtle and enticing way of getting users to post about it. An organic exposure is only going to come in if these mechanisms drill into the core functionality of the app. Annoying users constantly with push-up notificationsareonly going to turn it away from your app.

Consider small markets

Who doesn’t want to make it to the Top 10 of the industry? But there is always a need to use clever tactics. If you are a startup trying to pave the way into the major market, start with smaller ones in Asia or Latin America. From there, you can steadily move to the global market, but it needs an excessive volume of installations and the constant upgrading of the product/service that you provide.

Appropriate analytic tools

Incorporate appropriate analytics that will give you a detailed picture of how many visitors use your app, the popular features and how many users visit consistently. With the progress of data sciences and predictive analytics, your app can become highly marketable as it allows you to identify user interests and upgrade on these lines.

Appropriate marketing

App promotion is essential if you are willing to do well on Android. The market is wide, and so are the suppliers. In these circumstances, you must fix a certain budget for promotional campaigns. Start by attracting the first batch of users to test the metrics and grasp the real preference of each user. Once you find a meaningful result, you can then proceed to design more systematic campaigns. Next, you can determine the success of your app by evaluating the buzz going on virtual forums. Online portals like AirG reviews and Quora can boost your app store search ranking if the promotion is strong and features are unique.

Make it free

Most people entering the playstore are looking for free apps. So you need to try hard to provide the app for free. And you can monetize your app with several in-app purchases.  If you want people to give your app a shot, simply write the word “free” besidesits title.

In the rapidly changing world, you need to have a sustainable online presence. You must work hard to reach all channels and to improvise your virtual foundation. Going viral is an accomplishment, but it is extremely important to maintain the traffic after the craze has worn off. Remember that app success is all about building awesome technology and using great business models. It is a brick-by-brick growth that keeps an insight into human psychology, changing tech trends that hold a long-term strategy.

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