A central reason which makes vaping extremely popular is the fact that you can get a lot of exciting gears with it. The latest mods have amazing technological features in them with better atomizers, and delicious and new electronic liquids. These things generate a lot of enthusiasm among people in the vaping world. One of the other essential parts of the vaping mods are the batteries that are being used to charge them. In this article, you will be learning about the batteries that are used in vaping mods and how they are more useful and beneficial for your daily use.

The importance of batteries: A lot of vapers tend to give lesser attention to the batteries. The experienced vapers understand the importance of having quality batteries in the vaping mods, but in general, vapers are not so much concerned with the thing that powers their electronic cigarettes. This is also understandable because most people are only concerned with the size and capacity of the batteries and nothing more. However, the batteries of electronic cigarettes are a bit complicated. You need to use the best ones on your gear as if you do not then you can ruin or electronic cigarette or even see its performance dip. Most people do not tend to understand this and hence do not choose the right batteries for their mods.

Types of batteries for Electronic cigarettes:

The batteries for the vaping mods and electronic cigarettes come basically in two main forms: the integrated and the removable form. Both of them have their specific strengths, and they are suited for different kinds of vapers. Also, you will find them in various styles also.

  • The integrated batteries: The basic source of power for the electronic cigarette is the device which will combine the battery with the circuitry and the controls along with the atomizer connection in one single unit. If you can charge it in a proper way, then there will not be any issues with it. Integrated batteries are like this. They are the main aspect of the vaping pen where the atomizer is on the top and are about the size of a pen. They are recharged by removing your atomizer and then screwing the charging cable to a connector. Some models also have a running USB port which allows you to charge the mod while you are vaping.

The vape pen’s batteries are quite simple for use by beginners. It is ideal for people who just started vaping. You will, however, cannot be able to adjust power levels in these batteries as it is fixed and the storing capacity will also be on the lower side. When you pick this style, you should get at least two of them so that you can charge on while vaping the other.

There are new more sophisticated devices in the market now that use integrated batteries. There are more compact devices available along with advanced mods which offer variable power along with temperature control. These are best suited for the vapers who are more experienced. You should be able to use them with different types of atomizers.

The mods which have a built-in battery in them will be able to store more power compared to the vape pen. You shall also be able to recharge these devices with USB cables as you vape.

  • The removable batteries: This option will give you greater flexibility as your mod will have removable batteries. When you, for instance, have to go out then all that is required is an extra spare battery set which you have to carry with you. This can ensure that in case your mod was to run out of batteries then you can easily get replaced with the charged spare batteries and continue to vape. You will have all of the best features of the mod and not need to rely on getting charging outlets nearby anymore.

But using the removable batteries shall require you to use the correct batteries all the time. Earlier on, mods used to run on the lithium-ion batteries of various sizes, however now mods run on a standard 18650 battery size. They are like the AA batteries and give outputs of round 4 volts when they are fully charged. Two such batteries can power a mod for vaping throughout a day. These batteries are more practical for daily use; they pack in plenty of energy for running your electronic cigarette. They are not interchangeable, so you must use the right sized battery for your device.  

Which type would be suitable for you?

The mechanical mods are required to be used by vapers who have plenty of experience in using electronic cigarettes. So instead you are not someone who understands the physics behind the functioning of the batteries, you must not use the mechanical mods for vaping.

You can use both the type of mod batteries. However, this will still be dependent on how much you vape and how much time you spend outside. For heavy vapers, they should use the more powered removable battery powered mods, while less frequent can use the integrated battery powered mods.

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One of the best methods of quitting the habit of cigarette smoking is to start vaping. You can vape using different types of electronic cigarettes. Vaping mods are the most popular type of electronic cigarette among heavy smokers. The features and technological superiority that electronic cigarettes have to offer these days are mind-blowing. One of the central features is the extended battery life of the new electronic cigarettes. The batteries used in electronic cigarettes have evolved a lot. They are primarily of two kinds: integrated and removable. Based on the type of vaper that you are, you can use either type. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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