A like women, even men want to look and feel great when they are out on the beach. That’s the reason why they need a good pair of swimwear to choose from. All thanks to the designers and manufacturers, it is possible for men to find swimwear like men’s thong underwear and similar to that to pull off that attractive look beside feeling comfortable and confident.

As a man, you should choose a swimwear according to your body type. It is also important to choose garments according to your personality. So, the good news is that there are hundreds of designs out there to make it possible for all men to find something that suits your personality.

Have a look at these different categories of swimwear that you can buy from the market.


H-strings are basically intimate underwear for the daring range of men who love how they look. Basically, it is a type of thong with a narrow piece of fabric, leather or satin that is usually used to cover or hold the genitals. G-strings only provide essential coverage along with all the freedom that they need while having some fun.

G-strings is not only for men, but it can also be worn by women as well.

Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are the most traditional type of men swimwear that you can have. They are worn by people of all ages. They are generally made of nylon, polyester or a blend and come in a range of solid colors along with funky prints. Swim trunks are usually loose and fall to mid-thigh.

While young people and kids may opt for board shorts instead of traditional swim trunks as it is much more comfortable and roomy.


Briefs are believed to be the most popular type of swimwear as they cover up well and also come in different designs and styles as well as colors to suit the different preferences in the market. Moreover, you can also find designer briefs that are made using high-quality and comfortable garments.

Board Shorts

As the name suggests, board shorts are board in size and many teens and young adult are likely to wear board shorts at the beach or pool. Boardshorts were originally created for surfing but are worn for swimming everywhere. Like swim trunks, board shorts don’t have elastic shorts but have a rigid waistband often with a lace-up front and velcro fly.

Square Cut

Square cut is a classic style of underwear with which you have the chance to choose from the briefs, boxers, and bikinis under the square cut category. If you are seeking to buy men’s underwear online then you can get it from Abcunderwewar.com at much reasonable rates. While coming back to the square cut underwears, they come in a variety of styles and colors.

Swim Jammers

Swim jammers are usually used by swimmers. They offer a form fit but looks like cycling shorts to offer more coverage than square cut underwear. Moreover, swim jammers are expensive as well, so you probably won’t find them at the beach.

Swim Briefs

In the 1956 Olympics at Melbourne, swim briefs were introduced by the brand Speedo! These briefs are usually made from spandex or nylon are often referred to as “Speedos” even they are available from several different brands. As you already know that briefs vary in style from full coverage to barely covered g-strings.


Bikini is the category which has a very interesting design along with wide variety of colors for all personalities. While the best thing for men is that they have a chance to look well made up with the matching items beside looking sexy.


Just like a bikini, monokini is a single piece swimsuit that has a strip of fabric down the front that connects to the top and bottom portions. It is just like a traditional bikini with huge cut-outs. Usually, monokinis are available for women but today, you can buy a monokini to show off your sexy body at the beach.