Consider some of the best car insurance plans online to ensure that you are getting top service and paying the lowest price. To save more, check that you are getting the benefit of a no claim bonus in case you have not applied for an insurance claim in the previous year. Finally, check the coverage offered and the add-ons you can opt for based on your lifestyle and use.

With all these things to factor in, consider the Bajaj Finance Car Insurance as it offers an easy online premium calculation, completely cashless settlement and gives you telephone assistance 24/7. Further, you get the benefit of a daily allowance while your car is in the garage.

If you already have car insurance and wondering when it is a smart move to switch, here’s what you should look for.

  1. Cost of motor insurance

Your 4-wheeler insurance premium is calculated based on various parameters such as your age, the model and make of your car, and your previous accident history. Every insurer has its unique method of calculating insurance premium. Further, every two to three years, insurers re-evaluate their 4-wheeler insurance plans and the policies based on the profile of the policyholders.

This can also change the cost of insurance being offered. So, take all this into account and compare car insurance online as well as offline to see the coverage and cost. Shop for the best car insurance plans just before it is time to renew your car insurance.

Remember to inform the new insurance company to apply the no claim bonus, in case you have not made any insurance claim for your car during the previous year.

  1. Insufficient additional insurance cover

While third-party car insurance is mandatory by law, you may find that the comprehensive coverage provided by your insurer does not provide sufficient protection for your car. For example, comprehensive insurance does not cover water damage to your car, nor does it cover the loss of your car keys.

You may want to opt for add-ons for complete peace of mind. However, if your insurance does not provide such add-on covers, it may be time to find another insurance company that does.

  1. Inefficient customer support

With 4-wheeler insurance, it is necessary that you have easy access to customer support. After all, it the helpline that you will need to call to report an accident, file a claim or follow up with the cashless settlement. If you find that your current insurance company does not provide 24-hour, 365-day support, it may be time to think about a change.

  1. Poor claims settlement

Many times, insurance companies make promises, which they do not keep. Be careful and evaluate how your insurance company deals with claims and ensure that you are offered every service you have been promised as per the insurance agreement.

The most reliable way is to check how your insurance company deals with claims is to ask friends and family or other customers who have opted for the same plan or insurer as you. You can also check reviews when you buy car insurance online.

  1. Not enough service garage tie-ups

Motor insurance companies tie up with garages for accident repairs at pre-determined rates. Based on these agreements, the insurance company offers cashless settlements when you take your car for repair. Ensure that your preferred garage is on the list of cashless settlement locations of your insurance policy.

Otherwise, you will need to first pay for the repair and then submit the bills to your insurance, which is a process that can take time and lock up your money. If your garage is not included in the list of cashless settlement options, look for insurance that has a tie-up with your garage.

Along with getting the best car insurance plan, you need to insure that the 4-wheeler insurance works for you as well. You deserve to be well looked after and so does your car. If your car insurance does not tick these basic criteria, it’s time for a change! To get started, check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv and save on time and cash with the best deal.