The Internet is changing how we do most things. You do not need to get a 9-5 job to earn a living. Online tutoring jobs present a rare chance to make money without having to go to the office.  Here is what you need to know to make money from the comfort of your living room:

How much money can you make from online tutoring?

The online tutoring sector is growing at a fast rate. It offers a range of jobs for everyone from the novice to the professional tutor. You can earn online whether you are a college student or an experienced teacher. Noting the full range of tutoring jobs available online, the money you can make depends on your experience and relevant skills. The rates also vary based on how demanding or complex the tutoring task is.

Easy tutoring tasks can pay between $8 and $10 per hour, especially when a little or no experience is required, and the preparation effort is minimal. For example, teaching English using lesson plans and materials provided by the company is less demanding regarding preparations. Hence, pay of $8-$10 is ideal for this kind of online tutoring job.

Expert tutors are doing more advanced tasks such as SAT/ACT or college courses often get higher rates. Their pay ranges between $15 and $25 per hour. Some companies give extra benefits to their online tutors in the form of bonuses. With the right skills and experience in teaching, you stand a good chance to earn good money while doing online tutoring jobs from your home. As such, it is possible to make a cool $2000 a month while working from home.

Which online tutoring jobs are out there for you?

Online tutoring jobs range from K-12 classes to advanced college classes. There are also ACT/SAT, college jobs, and ESL classes available on different online tutoring sites.

K-12 teaching jobs available online have high-quality demands since they involve working with K-12 students. It is advisable to have a degree from a reputable college to be able to work this level well. Having a state teaching certification and teaching experience may also be an advantage for you.

Teaching ESL students is another type of online tutoring jobs. Being a native speaker is one of the most vital requirements that you need to qualify as a tutor for ESL students. It would be best if you also have enrolled for college or have graduated from college with a relevant degree. At times, some online tutoring companies will require you to have some language tutoring certification such as TESOL or TEFL.

Test prep is another source of online tutoring jobs for novices and professionals alike. The most significant qualification is to have had a good score in the test yourself. You need to prove that you are capable of helping the student pass in the test. However, you may also be required to have some college degree or certification to qualify.

Struggling college students also benefit tutoring services offered online. To qualify as an online tutor for college students, you will need to be enrolled in college or even to have graduated from college with a relevant degree. Sometimes, you may be needed to have some post-graduate teaching experience in the relevant field. Therefore, the chances of getting tutoring jobs at any level are high. If you have what it takes to become an online tutor at whichever level, do not hesitate. Apply and earn some cash from online tutoring jobs today.