WHOIS is a database containing information regarding domains and domain owners. Government agencies and businesses need this information for many different reasons including fraud investigations, preventing cyber crimes, protecting intellectual property and marketing research. It is important to understand the more domains integrated with WHOIS, the more valuable it becomes. It takes a lot of time to collect and register each name manually. This is the reason many of the service providers have built database data solutions for WHOIS specifically for the objectives and goals of businesses.

The Data Offered by the Providers

The first consideration when looking at the providers is the data. It is important the following information for the domain dates are included:

  • Registration
  • Ownership over time
  • Expiration
  • Renewal

This is essential data because it often helps spot the signs of fraudulent or malicious activities including spoofing and phishing. The details of the registrants include names, phone numbers and physical and email addresses. This is useful information for numerous purposes including investigating cyber crimes and protecting trademarks. The details of the registrar are the hosting service provider used to registrar the domain name and the details. Being able to contact the registrar is critical for reporting malevolent activities.

To effectively download WHOIS database, it is equally important the WHOIS records are updated frequently. The registration details and domain ownership can change quickly. This can lead to incorrect information for proceeding with legal actions due to trademark infringement. If the information is outdated, it is not possible for competitors to register new domain names or take fast action when an interesting domain is available.

top level domain  name information

The Domain Names

The WHOIS database download must remain comprehensive. This means the party of interest must be able to access the highest number of top domains possible. A good example is a business currently choosing the name for a new product and brand. The business must be certain they are not accidentally committing trademark infringement. They must also ensure they have not chosen registered words the consumers have already associated with different kinds of services and products. When this is considered from a cybersecurity view, there must be a larger number of domains in the database to fight and prevent cyber fraud effectively.

The aggregate number is not the only thing that is important to download the WHOIS database. Depending on the specific industry, geographic location and type of organization, it is important to look closely at both the top level country code and generic names available. The flexibility and easy integration of the WHOIS download service is important as well. This means extensions and formats for API’s, programming languages and different applications must be easy to understand and incorporate. It must be possible to read the data quickly so it can be added into the system and adjusted for a wide variety of cases.

Although it seems like a challenge to choose the best download service for the WHOIS database download, there are quite a few excellent options available on the market. When the criteria is considered regarding making direct comparisons between the major contenders, there is no doubt the correct choice must be made.