Classic hire cars are more than 25 years old usually and are usually popular because of the vintage nature of them. There are many popular cars that are considered classics.  They are able to stand the test of time and considered an investment.  Classic cars are 10 times more valuable now than at the original price that you paid for it. But, you need to keep it in shape since they don’t have the same technology as the current cars do, especially any sheet metal that’s not coated correctly, and the glass windshield be much more delicate, and it might not be resistant to the sun as much.  It needs to be protected, and here we’ll discuss how you can.

Drive Mindfully

This really isn’t meant to be driven, but you should enjoy it. However, be mindful and be careful of your surroundings as you drive it. Only drive when it’s appropriate, and make sure that you do it when the roads are dry, and don’t do it right after rainfall as well, and don’t drive it in the winter.

Maintain it

When it comes to classic ards, make sure that you maintain it by performing routine maintenance on this.  This includes changing the oil regularly. It should be done every 2500 miles, or annually. Using high-grade synthetic oils is best to protect it, and change the oil filter as well every time you replace the oil

Change the spark plugs every 20,000 miles too, because classic card deteriorate much quicker in this regard, and it has a higher chance of causing the engine to possibly have issues.  It can also flood, and it can lower the quality of the standards. You should replace not only the spark plugs though, but the distributor cap, spark plug wires, and rotor.  You should also change the coolant every 3-5 years to keep your engine cool and not deteriorate, and drain and refill this to leave deposits, and also change the engine thermostat. You should finally, replace the air filter annually, since this is super cheap compared to others, and it will also allow for cool air to be in the engine and not to be burned.

Clean it Up

Cleaning up your classic car is another very important thing.  It will last longer when you clean it up and also protect the car, whether you’re driving it around, and using it, or just leaving it parked

you should make sure to wash the paint and the chrome exterior whenever you can.  Make sure that you do this immediately to reduce any paint damages

When cleaning this, use a gentle car wash soap, along with a microfiber cloth in order to eliminate any spots that might be there whenever you do clean it

You can always clean the paint with a clay bar especially if it feels gritty and rubbery.  You should use detailing lubricant on there in order to remove any contaminants such as road salt or rail dust. You can also use clay to remove the older wax as well.

Finally, wax the car, and do it regularly.  The wax will protect the car from the damage of the sun and other elements, especially the UV rays, allowing for you to have your car shiny and also looking great.  You should wash this annually and make sure that if you do keep it in storage,  you still take care of it. If you frequently drive your car, do this every 6-8 weeks

You can always get some skip bin hire Berkley to help with this too, but protecting a classic car will help you with your ability to drive it whenever you can, and from there, you’ll get more use out of it, and feel great about the way that you use it effectively.