Bedroom Education: The Marriage Preparation Course


Bedroom Education: The Marriage Preparation Course

We take courses at our community college on cooking, how to repair a bathtub leak, learning another language, proper ways to cut hair. There’s a multitude of courses that further our education to improve our lives but there’s one facet of life that’s natural, and a big part of who we are, yet courses are lacking: The bedroom Life. Also known as love life, marriage life or if you want to put it bluntly, the sex life. It’s simply too taboo and people don’t want to convene with another group of people and talk about sex. The popular website for promoting new ideas Pitch Engine recently published an article called The Marriage Pitch talking about the bedroom life and suggesting a few ways to improve our marriage in the terms of sexuality. Sex is so natural, in fact it’s an essential activity because with it, there would be no population on earth! Yet it’s funny how cannot discuss the most essential thing that keeps the human race thriving.

The Marriage Preparation Course is a multi-day and several hour long session speaking engagement that teaches couples essentials of communication and how to compromise. The basis with communication leads into the bedroom too because part of the unsatisfied love life is due to a lack of communication. Some marriage prep courses have a Christian background and not all touch on the bedroom life, but it’s important to acknowledge what makes us feel good and what we like. It’s important to express needs and desires in the bedroom so we can enjoy the sacred marriage bed in all its glory. Another important topic that is shared during this course is sharing goals and values and Wedding Gifts You Won’t Tell Your Mom About. When we can communicate what we truly want, this makes having a better sex life possible. Maybe we like a massage, maybe we’d like to try using toys, perhaps we’re kinky and want to have sex outdoors, discussing these early on in marriage opens the door for better exploration and the ability to share in the orgasmic joy and the soul enveloping sex that makes marriage so connected and so pure.

When it comes to taking a course about sex, it needs to be done discreetly so that married couples can enjoy the topics. Some courses will bring out a banana and demonstrate fellatio, but it’s not always something appreciated by the housewives. They are too squeamish for that, so it needs to start slow by discussing a few ideas that are more welcome. One of the authors favorite suggestions to to make love in the morning because science has proven that’s when the libido is the highest. Our hormone levels are in a peak in the morning. Furthermore, it gives a fun lasting feel that stays with you for the rest of the day. This simple tip is an easy one yet something that most couples wouldn’t consider so simply starting your day with a roll in the hay – so to say is the best start for your new bedroom education.

If you’re too squeamish to take a sex class in person, there are distance classes or online training that can help. You can also resort to an old fashioned love tips manual or guidebook.