Arthritis or Joint pain is a common problem in U.S. citizens and its hitting millions of individuals. Arthritis is caused by the reduction of cartilage in joints that results in bone rubbing on the bone, causing friction and eventual swelling and inflammation.
During the winter, joint pains and stiffened muscles are the most common health problem plaguing the lives of older people. There is a 50 percent spike in the number of senior citizens seeking treatment for bone and joint issues during winter. The situation for Arthritis patients gets to worse during winters, and here a few tips from Dr. David Greene can make your days more comfortable.
Wear Warm Clothes: Depending on the weather of your city, wear warm clothes or consider layered dresses and make sure you cover your hands, legs, knees, and all other Arthritis prone areas.
Stay Hydrate: Dehydration can make you sensitive to pain, so stay hydrated and drink water.
Exercise: Exercise will keep you warm and will also improve the symptoms of joint stiffness and muscle weakness. Consider Indoor Exercise to stay active and friendly in winters.
Keep Yourself Warm: While Sleeping or Resting use heating pads or hot water bags to keep yourself warm, said Dr. David Greene Arizona. Heating pads are quite useful in areas where joint become more stiff and painful from cold weather.
Warm Baths: Swimming in a heated pool is an exercise and also soothe your joints and get you relief from the pain.
Supplement: Your diet is not full of nutrition that your body needs, so consider supplements to increase your nutrition intake level and give your body a healthy diet. According to David Greene Orthopedic, Take supplements such as Vitamin D and Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids as it will reduce the inflammation in your joints.
If you have pain in joints, consider a visit to a specialist such as David Greene MD and proceed with the treatment as prescribed to avoid severe Arthritis pains.