As Shakespeare reflected once that life goes through seven ages. One such age is the age when people aspire for social acceptance. To attain it and to win their bread, they work. In this process we leave our homes, some face the problems of the world. We look out for a place which would provide us shelter, food and warmth of our mother’s hearth. Sometimes, we find one and a new family too and sometimes not.

The great Indian society is also skeptical about renting out their homes to single working boys and girls. They, generally, rent out their homes to families (with wailing children-pun intended). Even if girls find a PG good enough to put in, they face landlord’s Talibani opinion. There are many gender stereotypes which haunt working girls pertaining to their working hours, social habits and clothes. In worst case scenarios, spaces are not rented on the basis of caste, gender or domicile. But, it can also not be denied that these differences have not surfaced out without any believable cause. In some cases, there are many hidden charges which are later imposed on the tenants like discriminatory electricity bills, water charges even if that is provided for free, mandatory housekeeping charges, etc…


Minest boys PG located near Unitech Cyber Park, Gurgaon provides you an opportunity to live your own life with freedom and dignity. These exclusive co-living spaces share 5 minutes walking distance proximity with the booming Unitech cyber hub in Gurgaon.

Boarding available in different combinations

There are 60 beds available in different combinations at Minest Boys PG in Gurgaon. Minest provides single sharing room at Rs 25999/month. They also provide double sharing rooms at Rs 12999/month and triple sharing rooms at Rs8999/month.

Ultra-modern amenities for corporate life

  • Minest Boys PG in Gurgaon, sec-39 extends high-end facilities like gyms and fitness classes by experts to keep yourselves fit. Health is wealth!
  • Free of cost Wi-Fi & DTH facility, salon and private working places to work in the homely environment.
  • Housekeeping and laundry are being taken care of by Minest at Your behalf for single sharing rooms and double and triple occupancy rooms too.
  • Dwellers can enjoy their morning brew or delicious brunch with delicious A la carte in the coffee lounge.

Work the grey cells

Minest Boys PG in Gurgaon believes in the aesthetic living with the intellectual development of the individual. For this TedX, group discussion spaces and reading spaces are facilitated. Minest believes in opening up the vistas of your mind and climb the ladder of success.

Peace and calm

Confucius says that more man meditates upon good things, this world becomes better. Minest gives yoga spaces to free the mind from monotony.

Automated security and power backup

Minest Boys PG in Gurgaon has sophisticated and automated security to make sure you sleep soundly. Power has become like air which we breathe. So, Minest PG provides round the clock power backup.

Celebrate your day

Spacious community spaces are provided for you to mingle with your peers and jingle about your greatest achievements.