“Tool? Cool? Are you a big fool?”

Ah! Ignore the above comment. Some people aren’t easy to convince. As for the others who have benefited from the tool, the response would be ecstatic. Don’t know why? Well, read it out below.

Entrepreneurs of small enterprises or organizations feel beleaguered when they face an extreme crisis in the workplace. Indeed, when the humongous amount of work consumes their time, they find it hard to balance the rest of the things.

Basically, large companies don’t face such problems because of the abundant resources at their disposal. Small companies won’t have that privilege at all. Since they share a tight work schedule with their competitors and unprecedented kind of challenges, it’s a lot more difficult on their part.

Mail sending is a regular activity in most of the offices. People connect via emails, be it a sales letter, invoice, or anything else. In particular, invoice generating and emailing is a daily life ritual at different organizations. However, it is, by far, a monotonous and time-consuming task. When companies spend their human resources on email invoicing, they’re bound to suffer in the scale of productivity.

Don’t believe us? Let’s convince you then. If a normal person prepares an email invoice in, say, 5 minutes, then it would take 1hr to send 12 emails and 8hrs to 96 emails. If more efforts are put, then it can push the figure to a maximum of 130 or 140. Moreover, this brings a boring experience of timelessness to the employee. Hence, it would result in low productivity, low efficiency, and low interest.

Can it be helped with a PDF emailing tool? Yes, it can. You can find an automated PDF document delivery tool that bursts the PDF document into multiple documents and sends invoices to the respective recipients. That means an employee would be able to send thousands of emails in just 1hr. Isn’t that cool? Not only it saves a surprising amount of time, but also bolsters efficiency and productivity levels.

Do you think it’s finished? Well, it’s not.

The employee, who regularly emails those invoices, can focus on the core business processes and invest his/her ideas to bring out the best outcomes for the company. You can find a bulk invoice emailing tool that can customize emails, encrypt emails for protection and security, bulk email, and archive bursting actions. Even small companies with $250000-$500000 turnovers will have an advantage.

How to find these tools?

The Internet is a gigantic place to find information and that’s where you will find these tools. Apparently, the titillating free tools will draw some attention, but they are far from good. As a matter of fact, business owners should prevent themselves from using them.

If you’re looking for the automated document delivery, then keep these things in mind:

Compatibility with business software

High-quality bursting actions

Customized HTML emails

Archive report bursting

Customer support team

Free trial version

Technically, a trial is necessary before purchasing the tool. This helps anyone to discover the capabilities of a certain PDF bursting tool.

Author Info:-

Jesse Chris covers the digital segment of business/office tools and technologies. He shares the nuggets of information about Email Invoicing methods, which can make or break efficiency levels. End-users can now find robust tools with features for bulk email invoicing, email customization, and time-based document delivery. He describes how PDF emailing in bulk saves ample time for the core business processes.