Right now, call centre outsourcing is viewed as a tool for business expansion. This is so because many enterprises have improvised their business growth by means of outsourcing call centre services. Even, you can say outsourcing is one of the secret factors, which helps MNCs to grow smoothly.

On the contrary, companies new in the business world are usually in perplexity about whether they should run an in-house call centre or outsource call centre services. Well, businesses decide to run an in-house call centre often struggle while handling core and non-core activities simultaneously, while ones choose reputed call centre outsource don’t encounter such hassle.

As you may already know, nothing can be expected to be perfect is this blemished world, so there is a probability that outsourcing has some disadvantages too. Today, we will shed light on both the pros and cons of outsourcing so that you will be unaware of nothing while handing over call centre operations to a third party company. So, let’s roll:


1.    Consistent solutions of queries

While handling customer service operations, you must strive for high consistency because giving good and bad support experience alternatively could confuse your customers. Besides affecting the CX levels, this affects your brand image in a negative manner too. In a nutshell, consistency matters most while dealing with customers’ queries.

Here, the salience of call centre outsourcing uplifts, because you don’t need to stress over incoming customer calls as your service partner have the responsibility of providing first-rate solutions.

Of course, running an in-house call centre is not a bad option unless you possess pertinent experience and resources. So, if you feel you are lacking necessary resources, outsource call centre services to secure high CSAT score and profitability.

2.    All day and night accessibility

Right now, being accessible all day and night are significant for organizations as customers can reach whenever for assistance. But taking a decision on running customer service operations round-the-clock is not easy as you have to cut a big piece from your profits.

At this point in time, prestigious call centre service providers appear as a lifesaver, as they increase your business availability by offering 24/7 solutions at a pocket-friendly price. Straightforwardly, organizations can offer 24/7 assistance without spending excessively by simply opting for call centre outsourcing.


1.    Lesser command over noncore business functions

When you outsource call centre operations, you simply lose command because your service provider takes all the important decisions without asking you once regarding the same. This clearly appears as a disadvantage of call centre outsourcing.

Nevertheless, this disadvantage can be overlooked because if all the major decisions are taken to meet SLAs (service level agreements), there will be no concerns who is calling the shots.

As a matter of fact, the only thing that is in any way important is whether the CSAT score is soaring or not. So, organizations shouldn’t be having any issue with their call centre service partners as long as customer needs are properly being taken care of.

2.    Hidden charges

The most noticed disadvantage of call centre outsourcing is ‘Hidden costs.’

After being involved in an agreement, sometimes business owners are asked to pay additional money to ensure seamless deliverance of after-hours solutions. Obviously, not all call centre service providers ask extra money after being associated with clients in an agreement. Be that as it may, there are a few call centre outsourcing companies in the market, which trick organizations by offering expensively cheaper call centre services. Subsequently, they demand additional money in return for rendering solutions after business hours.

Thusly, selecting the right call centre service provider is critical. Need a few hints? Look for reviews on the internet, ask your business fellows before uniting with any vendor, talk about the pricing completely, and so on.

Wrapping up:

At the present time, call centre outsourcing appears as an ideal move to stay in the dominating position in the pursuit of being the number 1 position in the market.

We have talked about both the advantages and disadvantages with the goal to show a clearer picture. After knowing the demerits, you may already understand that outsourcing could be destructive if there’s an imprudence while choosing a service provider.

We hope you have understood all the aforementioned pointers easily. Thanks for reading!