Participation in the exhibition requires careful preparation. There are no trifles in the organization of the stand and you need to provide for a lot of nuances that will work to attract the public to your exhibition space. However, the presentation itself is just the tip of the iceberg, the bulk of which lies underwater. What should be envisaged in preparing for participation in an expo forum or exhibition?

1. Design of the exhibition stand

An exhibition stand is the kind of clothing that will greet you. Those enticing fairy lights that will appeal to visitors. The information space that will increase the awareness of potential customers about your business 123netflix.

An externally attractive exhibition stand can be made with a minimum of cash costs: the standard design can be enhanced by a good location and corporate identity of the company. Add a multimedia screen and stock up on printing products, this will simplify the presentation and enhance the effect of it.

It is better to assemble a stand a few days before the event so that defects that are accidentally identified during the assembly process are quickly eliminated, and possible new interesting ideas are organically incorporated into the final result.

2. Type of presentation

What do you want people to take with them as a result, moving away from your stand? Typically, the presentation space is so limited (and you, as a representative of a small or medium business, will almost certainly be limited to one place of a standard size), you have to focus on one key message. This disadvantage of space limitations can be wrapped up to your advantage – stop spraying on trifles and make one single message as strong and convincing as possible.

Bet on simplicity. The stand, equipped in an ascetic style, will make a noticeable contrast with those who try to shove as much information about their business as possible into a small area. Focus on your key service or your main advantage over competitors. And for more detailed information, keep a laptop with an Internet connection on hand to demonstrate to potential customers the rest of your capabilities, as well as printing products (brochures or business cards) with a list of your services and full contact details.

3. Human Resource

After you have decided what and how you will demonstrate, you need to think about who will be the demonstrator – the person who embodies your company.

First, think about the quantity. There should be so many people that visitors do not stand in a queue for a consultant (because no one wants to wait, people will just pass by) and can talk with a company representative in conditions that are comfortable for themselves, but not so much as to fill everything stands space.

Secondly, think about the quality of training of people working on your behalf at the exhibition. Opt for professionals who have the most complete information about the goods and services of the company and can present this information in an accessible, understandable and maximally correct way.

Thirdly, formulate the goal that you plan to achieve and voice your employees your expectations from the results of the exhibition. This will help them choose the right direction in working with visitors to the exhibition, that is, your potential customers.

Lastly, encourage staff to do a good job. Think about bonuses or gifts that you can offer as gratitude and thanks for the quality work and attracting potential customers. You can add a competitive moment, but here you need to be careful, as it is easy to overdo it and go away from the intended original goal.

Your exhibition stand is the face of your company. Therefore, you need to make sure that it adequately represents your brand, products, and services. And this means that relying only on design, as some novice entrepreneurs do, will be very reckless. Based on our advice, you can make your participation in the exhibition efficient and get the most out of the event, while spending the minimum amount of money.