If you are new in the realm of owning a car, there are some preparations you need to do, before you take out your car on the road. It is not because we are doubting your driving skills, but we do doubt the unpredictable conditions that can arise out of nowhere when you are moving in a car. It is to keep you safe, equipped and well prepared that we have gathered a list of must-have tools that will come handy in almost every situation and save your day by keeping your car moving safely.

The items we are mentioning here are suggested by the expert mechanics who serve at the service center of the Spokane Valley Chevy dealer. They have also explained the utility of each of these items, and why every car owner needs to have them in their car.

Puncture Repair Kit

The self-explanatory name of this tool should have been enough to be listed here, as we never know when our car tire can face a point-blank puncture. And then finding out a puncture repair shop just where your car got stranded is still a matter of luck. So, to make your own way, never forget to keep this kit ready in your car.

Oil and Other Car Fluids

The engine oil and other car fluids like coolant, transmission and brake fluids might suddenly lie lower than its usual level, making your car mechanisms work harder leading to overheating of the engine. Keeping these fluids handy in your car will not let such issues take place if you are driving for long hours.

Jump Start Kit

This is yet another essential item that should always be there in your car. No one can be confident enough to say, that there cannot be any lack of energy in the engine ever in their car. It mostly happens when you are least expecting it. y having a jump start kit ready in your vehicle, you can be rest assured to restart the engine with the help of another car, and drive till you reach the next service station. But this will require certain tools, which needs to be precise and recommended by the manufacturer. Keeping them ready is the best way to keep your journey ongoing, especially during cold weather.

Reflective Triangle

This is a very specialized tool that your car should be equipped with all the time. It is a tool that throws lights in the shape of a triangle making the presence of your car visible to others, especially in the dark, when your car is parked in a side of the road. There can be a necessity when you need to park your vehicle on the roadside, or especially if your car has faced a breakdown. With the help of this tool, the presence and location of your car can be seen by other motorists so that they don’t bump on your car or cause a collision.

For more of such useful tips, you can consult the experts of the Chevrolet dealer near Spokane Valley, who would be glad to help you out.