The present financial market has expanded far and wide to cover a range of funding requirements that individuals may need financing for. As an example, today, you may avail a:

  • Personal loan to meet various individual expenses. 
  • Home loan for funding house purchase. 
  • Loan against property for meeting big-ticket expenses, etc. 

Credit options are also diversified and available for professionals to meet their specific funding needs.

While these advances are available in plenty, lenders make accessing them further convenient through applications like loan app. These apps have also become quite popular in recent times, courtesy their simplified functionality and user-friendly features. So, let’s check out why people choose these loan apps more than ever today.

Reasons Why People Opt For An Instant Loan App – 

  • Quick And Easy Application Procedure

Loan apps make it easier and faster to apply for loans with a simple process in just a few steps. With quick verification of applicant identity and documentation, the loan is also approved quickly and disbursed at the earliest.

For instance, Bajaj Finserv’s loan app provides personal loan approval within 5 minutes and disbursal within 24 hours of the same. For other loans like loan against property, considering the mortgage valuation and documents verification, it only takes 4 days from the time of approval. Thus, NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv bring one of the fastest loans in the financial market.

They also bring pre-approved offers, which make the process of availing finance quick and hassle-free. These offers are available on unsecured loans like business loans and personal loans, as well as secured loans like home loans; along with various other financial products. 

  • Easy Tracking Of Active Loans And Investments

With these personal loan apps, users can easily track their existing loans and investments with the concerned financial institution. You can view as well as manage your loan or make payment of EMIs due. It is also easier to go for your account statement download with just a few clicks instead of going to the branch for the same.

  • One-stop Solution For All Loan Related Information

Loan apps like Bajaj Experia are carefully designed with all the information arranged for easy user access. Hence, whether you want to know your eligibility or calculate the EMI payable, or get any other loan related information like available interest rates and documents required, the instant loan apps come in handy.

  • Availability For Different Os Platforms

People also choose a loan app because it is available for download on different OS platforms. Users can download and install it on both Android-based and iOS-based smartphones.

  • Easy And Secure Payments

Financial transactions always come under the purview of security enhancement to ensure customer data is not breached and compromised with.

Similarly, with the instant loan apps, you can make payments of any dues with the assurance of data security. The payment gateway is also easy to use for all customers, thus making EMI payment convenient.

  • Instant Updates Through Notifications

Users also find a liking for these apps as they have a separate tab dedicated for updates through notifications. If you are using loan apps, you will thus receive notification regarding the upcoming payment due date, new offers, etc.

  • Easy navigations across available financial products and apps

Instant loan apps also make sure that the user finds it easy to navigate from one page to another to acquire information regarding any financial product. For example, you may swipe from one page to another or press the back icon to go to the previous page.

Apps like Experia also offer easy navigation from one app to another, i.e., the BFL wallet app. It thus makes it convenient to avail easy loans or check other details through just a few swipes and clicks.

  • Easy To Share With Family Members

The apps also provide a facility by which you can share the app with your family members. Like, you can enable the family sharing feature to share your app with up to 6 members of your family. 

  • Quick Customer Support Via Chatbots

These apps are also quick to connect you to customer support through chatbot assistance. You may thus get solutions or guidance on your queries without any hassle. It further increases the user-friendliness of these apps.

These reasons lead to people choosing instant loan apps to avail credit, manage, repay or carry any other related activity. You may download and install loan apps like Experia to easily plan your finances, use and pay for them.