Which websites are worth for sharing paid guest post? Which sites can be best for your paid guest post? One of the vast writing business with financial compensation, we call it paid guest posting. Nowadays, paid guest posting touching the peak of the sky. The major reason is freedom of thoughts. In other words, any of you, if knows the writing skills and art of commentary on any issue, would be eligible for this criteria. Furthermore, this is not much difficult for any to write a paid guest post for any sites. But the main problem is to find a place where you can share your guest post, where you get a pretty amount of back-links and good payment for your paid guest post. You would find numerous guest post sites, again you would be confusing that which way to go. This articles may solve your puzzles through the information given below.

Google helps

As Google is very quick answerable, it also helps out to fine out sites for your guest posting according to your niche. Start your quest with keywords such as “guest post sites” “ blog sites” “ guest post” so on. Further, this search would bring plenty of sites in front of you. Again question which sites would be helpful? One thing keeps in your mind that the DA/PA of sites can give the answer of confusion. A much-ranked site would bring quiet satisfactory back-links. You can also share your post on medium DA/PA ranked sites if you are a beginner.

Social Media help

Authoritative sites have developed their links everywhere. We have other sources such as YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter. Moreover, animated sites have it sponsors on aforementioned sources. Firstly, YouTube has many channels and videos related paid guest posting. Plenty of experience people deliver lectures on the business and various factors. Secondly, Facebook has many groups where many authors are invited to write and many you can visit pages for niches. Finally, Tweeter is also helpful in this situation. Go on search corner and write “paid guest post sites”  It would fetch you good results.

Connection with Job

Without knowing the staff job is like a strange job. Thus, it is very important to some connection with your client. You must know the guidelines and you must let him/her know the specialization in a particular niche. Hence, he may appoint you according to vacancies of his site offices.

Write about your subject

Sites have different subject categories in blogging; finance blog, health blog, business blog, technology blog, food blogs and many more. Keep eye on the feature of particular sites that on which topic does it deal? This would help you to work interestingly with your mood. Thus, this very crucial to keep in mind.

  • Here are some new alive sites with prices and DA, PA that can accept your guest post but with guidelines of each sites:

885 arstechnica.com DA92 PA72 General $500  Order
464 cargocollective.com DA87 PA40 General $200  Order
409 thefrisky.com DA82 PA55 General $120  Order
454 sickchirpse.com DA80 PA47 General $350  Order
323 eurweb.com DA80 PA53 General $400  Order
410 atavist.com DA77 PA57 General $40  Order
905 indiantelevision.com DA75 PA55 General $200  Order
44 facenews.ua DA75 PA56 General $200  Order
868 hngn.com DA72 PA51 General $900  Order
330 trueactivist.com DA72 PA52 General $350  Order
74 d-addicts.com DA72 PA52 General $180  Order
907 fashionisers.com DA68 PA48 General $210  Order
913 newkerala.com DA67 PA58 General $150  Order
869 vcpost.com DA67 PA42 General $300  Order
326 theyeshivaworld.com DA67 PA55 General $320  Order
1 artdaily.com DA67 PA52 General $100  Order
467 newsblaze.com DA66 PA30 General $160  Order
394 pitchengine.com DA66 PA52 General $70  Order
334 thelibertarianrepublic.com DA66 PA51 General $200  Order
870 incrediblethings.com DA65 PA51 General $200  Order
324 virtual-strategy.com DA65 PA48 General $300  Order
37 selfgrowth.com DA65 PA63 General $190  Order
328 vosizneias.com DA64 PA48 General $450  Order
327 centraljersey.com DA63 PA53 General $340  Order
73 jt.org DA63 PA44 General $130  Order
396 bloguin.com DA62 PA47 General $40  Order
333 mamabee.com DA62 PA47 General $200  Order
181 aloneat.home.blog DA62 PA36 General $30  Order
867 escapeartist.com DA61 PA59 General $150  Order
321 laprogressive.com DA61 PA53 General $250  Order
72 atebits.com DA60 PA54 General $120  Order
342 pulseheadlines.com DA58 PA39 General $160  Order
325 hometownstation.com DA58 PA52 General $300  Order
225 anglotopia.net DA58 PA52 General $120  Order
886 thyblackman.com DA57 PA50 General $150  Order
494 ukuncut.org.uk DA57 PA29 General $100  Order
416 opptrends.com DA57 PA44 General $100  Order
415 craftstylish.com DA57 PA56 General $50  Order
909 prommanow.com DA56 PA45 General $130  Order
883 wikileaks.info DA56 PA60 General $90  Order
430 unfinishedman.com DA56 PA54 General $200  Order
332 conservativedailynews.com DA56 PA46 General $250  Order
70 trans4mind.com DA56 PA47 General $30  Order
479 neconnected.co.uk DA52 PA37 General $120  Order
71 insidecatholic.com DA52 PA45 General $90  Order
434 youngupstarts.com DA51 PA52 General $120  Order
30 whiteoutpress.com DA51 PA42 General $80  Order
912 thediplomatinspain.com DA50 PA37 General $90  Order
322 askthetrainer.com DA49 PA51 General $250  Order
7 thewowstyle.com DA49 PA52 General $90  Order

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