Creating compelling packaging for CBD products is both art and science. The right combination of colors, graphics, and content is needed to make your packaging and product stand out in the retail environment. By the same token, the right balance of branding and clear communication of product details is crucial to make staggering sales.

Unfortunately, creating a CBD packaging that demands attention on the retail racks and boosts sales is a daunting task, especially if you have little or no experience. To help you out, here we have outlined the three most important rules that’ll help you develop money-making packaging for your medical cannabis products.


To begin with, create a CBD box packaging that can keep your products safe. An encasement should be durable enough that it can withstand bumps and bruises during storage and transportation. So the contents of the box can remain safe from damage and even theft. Most importantly, practical packaging design will not only keep your product safe but also showcase it to potential customers, so they can instantly make the buying decision.

Working with an experienced packaging manufacturer like The Legacy Printing can allow you to create a compelling box structure that best fits your product without shifting the focus away from your core business—creating quality products.

Firms like The Legacy Printing have dedicated teams of packaging specialists that help customers wed functionality with aesthetics, whether you need sturdy material or substantial structure to protect the encasing from tampering or the glass bottle from shattering.


When creating packing for retail, address the functionality of your custom CBD packaging boxes. The retail outlets are crowded spaces that require practical packaging developed with complete planning so they can maximize the shelf appeal of the products—boost visibility and drive sales.

An ideal way to create a packing is to ask yourself the following questions when assessing the functionality of your design:

  • Will your product be sold in retail stores or online?
  • Will your product be displayed on a standard shelf?
  • Or will it be featured on a custom rack?

Getting the gist of placement in the retail outlet will help you choose a more apt and functional design for your Cannabidiol products. For example, if your item is likely to sit on a rack among other products, then choose a folding style packing than a two-piece box set.

However, if you want the potential buyers to engage with your products with ease, then go with specialty display boxes that create excellent sales opportunities owing to their unique design.


Are you selling a well-known product or a brand new item?

Your packaging design will prove your best marketing collateral, depending upon how established your medical cannabis product is. Meaning, it should educate, convince and sway prospects to buy your product.

From successfully communicating your mission statement to product performance, packaging design should do everything flawlessly. Typically, the first time consumers engage with your brand and products in the retail stores. Without the support of mass advertising or messaging, your packaging must convey all the essential values of your product and brand.

A simple, classic design is perfect for conveying the brand promise and product value in an authoritative way. But it can only play well if the packaging is an integral part of your marketing strategy.

For instance, if you are targeting high-end consumers, your packing solution must reflect that. In a few words, if you are looking to meet the customers’ expectations, your packaging should do that convincingly.

Final Thoughts

Developing a retail-ready packing is no easy feat. Maintaining the right balance between durability, marketing, and functionality can be a tall order for CBD brands. Joining forces with a specialist CBD packaging company early on can really turn the table around for your brand.

This will allow you to have a winning design that effortlessly checks all the boxes when it comes to driving sales and encouraging customer loyalty. After all, who would mind having a retail packaging design that makes you go ‘wow’.